Thursday, August 11, 2011

Move-In Day (A Look Back) - Part 1

(Want to read about my Orientation Experience? This is my very first blog post: Click Here)

This time, two years ago, I was anxiously awaiting moving into school. I had things running through my mind like 'What if they don't like me because I am from California?' and 'What I flunk out my first semester?' Of course, I also thought about how I was going to make friends who weren't ski racers and not be living out of a suitcase, which was a big deal at the time.

I remember move-in day like it was yesterday. My family and I stayed at the Days Inn across the street from SMC. The Orientation Leaders were my wake-up call. Registration in the gym didn't start until 9 am, but the O-Leaders were out blowing whistles at like 7:30 am. I had strategically picked out my move-in day outfit. I wanted to come off as casual, athletics, and still girly, which led me to capri Nike yoga pants and a t-shirt reading 'Stay Green, Free Hugs.' In retrospect, the shirt might have been a little weird, but I still wear it. It's wicked comfy. I also straightened my hair, which at the time was a BIG deal. I had my game face on, or really my time-to-meet-lots-of-new-people face.

I walked across the street to register around 8:45 am. (Yup, that's me. Always early.) That's where I met Dustin Hunter, who was one of the bloggers at the time and is now an alumni. I think we had talked on Twitter before school started so it was nice to see a friendly face. After I picked up my info packet, I headed towards the dorms and called my parents to have them drive over with the stuff. I approached my building and was greeted by ALL the RA's in my building including my own who gave me my keys and showed me to my room.(Want to see what the dorm looked like? My Fierce Room - Sept 5, 2009) After I got a feel for the place, I walked back to the quad in hope that my parents had arrived.

My parents got lost somewhere between the Days Inn and the dorms.....Yes, in the Hall family, parking lots are somewhat of an obstacle and we ALL argue about which way to go. Eventually they made it over and parked on the lawn. We brought one small load up,  so my parents could scope it out. As we headed down the stairs to get load #2, I saw my belonging going up the stairs in a blur of red t-shirts and whistles.The O-Leaders had cleaned out our van and had taken the majority of my belongings up to my dorm room. SCORE!

I whipped right back around and went back to my room. I introduced myself to the girl across the hall, Ali, who had moved in early for soccer. Since my roommate hadn't arrived yet I started to unpack. By unpack I mean I got way to excited and made my bed. BAD IDEA. Make your bed last because you will definitely have to move the bed around or if you are like me you will realize that as soon as your roommate brings all her things you will need to loft your bed.... After my bed was made (probably for the only time that semester) I started to hang clothes and fill drawers. My parents left to see the campus (it was their first time there) while my little sister sat on the floor offering... ummm 'useful' advice... The hallway began to fill with bright colored comforters, light fixtures, and parents.

This is when I met my first friend, Andrea. I was walking into my room and she come running up to me 'Are you Gabbilicious?' (That was my Facebook name at the time. I know. I was cool.) 'Yes,' I said. 'Can you help me get my computer on the internet because you said on the Facebook page that you knew how and I can't get on!!!' That is LITERALLY how I met one of my best friends on campus. In fact, I have recruited her into blogging about her experience abroad in Spain this semester :-D

Okay, Part 2 of this story will be coming soon. You can look forward to the roommate arrival and the story of how we go stuck in our room....
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