Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Lessons from 7th Grade - How to Use Chopsticks

Once upon a time, I was 11 and in 7th grade. Hard to believe, I know.
Mrs. Hendricks was my teacher.
She wasn't my biggest fan. I missed A LOT of school to ski. (What else is new?)

(Fun fact: Mrs. Hendricks was the person who gave me the nickname Gabbilicious. My friend, Billotti, from SMC, started calling me Lish, and nickname for my nickname. Thus, the 'Licious Life was born.)

Anyways,  in 7th grade at St. Patrick's School, you studied Japanese history and the Middle Ages amongst a few other things. Part of Japanese history was learning to use chopsticks. The food? Cocoa Puffs! Super exciting considering I never really had sugar cereal.

Well, today I was eating sushi with my family and my dad was struggling with chopsticks so he started using his fingers. All I could think was 'Thank goodness, Mrs. Hendricks taught me!' Sure, it takes practice to master it, but you might as well have the basics down!

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Essentially put the first stick in the niche between your thumb and pointer finger.

Next, hold the top stick much like you would a pen.

Practice simply bringing the sticks together before trying to grasp food. Try to only move the top stick. Moving both can get messy.

Think this isn't a useful skill? Think again. In my summer internship, I went out to sushi with a managing director. While it was casual Friday and the restaurant wasn't super upscale, I am sure glad I knew how to use those chopsticks. It's more sophisticated, in my opinion, than just using your hands. And why not impress a supervisor/co-worker with your mad skills?

Bottom line: Just learn to use the chopsticks and thank you Mrs. Hendricks!

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