Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best and Worst Memories from SMC

This is another post that is only possible with the help of the amazing SMC Alumni who take the time to respond to my inquiries on Linked In. I asked them:

Best or Worst Memories from life at SMC: What is your story?

After the overwhelming and fabulous responses to my most recent discussion, I thought I'd make another request. I want to know your best or worst memory from SMC.

By worst, I mean that time you tripped in Alliot and shattered the plate. The type of moment that a worried student can read and think 'Look at them. They made it through the embarrassing moment.' Or maybe that time you thought you were going to flunk a class and professor pulled you through.

For best moments, you can talk about how a fellow alum helped you land your internship or how taking creative dance was the best choice you ever made.


Here are their answers!

Alison Dionne
My best memories from St. Mikes would include: Professor Putzel's XB class - by far one of the most practical classes I ever took. Professor Lubkowitz's Botany class - one of the most interesting classes I took. Always the PDay and Earth Day celebrations. Senior week. Telling fellow skiiers/snowboarders on the lifts at Smuggs the price of my season pass and watching their reaction. And of course, the life long friends that I made! (I was one of the lucky ones that never slipped on the ice in the academic quad in the middle of winter!) 

Craig Davignon
Best memory from SMC- Meeting my future wife my freshman year in Lyons Hall. We were engaged in April of our senior year. Married the May of the following year. Still married- 14 years+! 

Wendy Anderson
Met my husband at Alliot Hall. Still married 30 years!  

Bill Dromeshauser
Best and worst experience were the same actually. Was part of the first varsity lacrosse team...As a group, we had to practice in January and February in the North Campus Gym. This was an unheated gym that was at least 15 degrees colder than outdoors..The sprints were horrible..the camaraderie developed between the players was the best.

What I take away is this: There is a lot of love and community at SMC! Thank you, Alison, Craig, Wendy, and Bill for being a part of my blog.

Have questions? Ask me on Formspring. 

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