Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Lessons from 7th Grade - How to Use Chopsticks

Once upon a time, I was 11 and in 7th grade. Hard to believe, I know.
Mrs. Hendricks was my teacher.
She wasn't my biggest fan. I missed A LOT of school to ski. (What else is new?)

(Fun fact: Mrs. Hendricks was the person who gave me the nickname Gabbilicious. My friend, Billotti, from SMC, started calling me Lish, and nickname for my nickname. Thus, the 'Licious Life was born.)

Anyways,  in 7th grade at St. Patrick's School, you studied Japanese history and the Middle Ages amongst a few other things. Part of Japanese history was learning to use chopsticks. The food? Cocoa Puffs! Super exciting considering I never really had sugar cereal.

Well, today I was eating sushi with my family and my dad was struggling with chopsticks so he started using his fingers. All I could think was 'Thank goodness, Mrs. Hendricks taught me!' Sure, it takes practice to master it, but you might as well have the basics down!

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Essentially put the first stick in the niche between your thumb and pointer finger.

Next, hold the top stick much like you would a pen.

Practice simply bringing the sticks together before trying to grasp food. Try to only move the top stick. Moving both can get messy.

Think this isn't a useful skill? Think again. In my summer internship, I went out to sushi with a managing director. While it was casual Friday and the restaurant wasn't super upscale, I am sure glad I knew how to use those chopsticks. It's more sophisticated, in my opinion, than just using your hands. And why not impress a supervisor/co-worker with your mad skills?

Bottom line: Just learn to use the chopsticks and thank you Mrs. Hendricks!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best and Worst Memories from SMC

This is another post that is only possible with the help of the amazing SMC Alumni who take the time to respond to my inquiries on Linked In. I asked them:

Best or Worst Memories from life at SMC: What is your story?

After the overwhelming and fabulous responses to my most recent discussion, I thought I'd make another request. I want to know your best or worst memory from SMC.

By worst, I mean that time you tripped in Alliot and shattered the plate. The type of moment that a worried student can read and think 'Look at them. They made it through the embarrassing moment.' Or maybe that time you thought you were going to flunk a class and professor pulled you through.

For best moments, you can talk about how a fellow alum helped you land your internship or how taking creative dance was the best choice you ever made.


Here are their answers!

Alison Dionne
My best memories from St. Mikes would include: Professor Putzel's XB class - by far one of the most practical classes I ever took. Professor Lubkowitz's Botany class - one of the most interesting classes I took. Always the PDay and Earth Day celebrations. Senior week. Telling fellow skiiers/snowboarders on the lifts at Smuggs the price of my season pass and watching their reaction. And of course, the life long friends that I made! (I was one of the lucky ones that never slipped on the ice in the academic quad in the middle of winter!) 

Craig Davignon
Best memory from SMC- Meeting my future wife my freshman year in Lyons Hall. We were engaged in April of our senior year. Married the May of the following year. Still married- 14 years+! 

Wendy Anderson
Met my husband at Alliot Hall. Still married 30 years!  

Bill Dromeshauser
Best and worst experience were the same actually. Was part of the first varsity lacrosse team...As a group, we had to practice in January and February in the North Campus Gym. This was an unheated gym that was at least 15 degrees colder than outdoors..The sprints were horrible..the camaraderie developed between the players was the best.

What I take away is this: There is a lot of love and community at SMC! Thank you, Alison, Craig, Wendy, and Bill for being a part of my blog.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Move-In Day (A Look Back) - Part 1

(Want to read about my Orientation Experience? This is my very first blog post: Click Here)

This time, two years ago, I was anxiously awaiting moving into school. I had things running through my mind like 'What if they don't like me because I am from California?' and 'What I flunk out my first semester?' Of course, I also thought about how I was going to make friends who weren't ski racers and not be living out of a suitcase, which was a big deal at the time.

I remember move-in day like it was yesterday. My family and I stayed at the Days Inn across the street from SMC. The Orientation Leaders were my wake-up call. Registration in the gym didn't start until 9 am, but the O-Leaders were out blowing whistles at like 7:30 am. I had strategically picked out my move-in day outfit. I wanted to come off as casual, athletics, and still girly, which led me to capri Nike yoga pants and a t-shirt reading 'Stay Green, Free Hugs.' In retrospect, the shirt might have been a little weird, but I still wear it. It's wicked comfy. I also straightened my hair, which at the time was a BIG deal. I had my game face on, or really my time-to-meet-lots-of-new-people face.

I walked across the street to register around 8:45 am. (Yup, that's me. Always early.) That's where I met Dustin Hunter, who was one of the bloggers at the time and is now an alumni. I think we had talked on Twitter before school started so it was nice to see a friendly face. After I picked up my info packet, I headed towards the dorms and called my parents to have them drive over with the stuff. I approached my building and was greeted by ALL the RA's in my building including my own who gave me my keys and showed me to my room.(Want to see what the dorm looked like? My Fierce Room - Sept 5, 2009) After I got a feel for the place, I walked back to the quad in hope that my parents had arrived.

My parents got lost somewhere between the Days Inn and the dorms.....Yes, in the Hall family, parking lots are somewhat of an obstacle and we ALL argue about which way to go. Eventually they made it over and parked on the lawn. We brought one small load up,  so my parents could scope it out. As we headed down the stairs to get load #2, I saw my belonging going up the stairs in a blur of red t-shirts and whistles.The O-Leaders had cleaned out our van and had taken the majority of my belongings up to my dorm room. SCORE!

I whipped right back around and went back to my room. I introduced myself to the girl across the hall, Ali, who had moved in early for soccer. Since my roommate hadn't arrived yet I started to unpack. By unpack I mean I got way to excited and made my bed. BAD IDEA. Make your bed last because you will definitely have to move the bed around or if you are like me you will realize that as soon as your roommate brings all her things you will need to loft your bed.... After my bed was made (probably for the only time that semester) I started to hang clothes and fill drawers. My parents left to see the campus (it was their first time there) while my little sister sat on the floor offering... ummm 'useful' advice... The hallway began to fill with bright colored comforters, light fixtures, and parents.

This is when I met my first friend, Andrea. I was walking into my room and she come running up to me 'Are you Gabbilicious?' (That was my Facebook name at the time. I know. I was cool.) 'Yes,' I said. 'Can you help me get my computer on the internet because you said on the Facebook page that you knew how and I can't get on!!!' That is LITERALLY how I met one of my best friends on campus. In fact, I have recruited her into blogging about her experience abroad in Spain this semester :-D

Okay, Part 2 of this story will be coming soon. You can look forward to the roommate arrival and the story of how we go stuck in our room....
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Getty Museum, Venice Beach, and Birthday Parties - Los Angeles, CA

If you keep up with my blog, you will know that I am living with my uncle, more specifically my mom's brother, and his family. This weekend, we celebrated my uncle's 44th birthday and my parents and little sister came down to join in on the celebration.
They arrived late Friday night, so the activities didn't start until Saturday morning. First off, my mom, sister, and I went to the Getty Museum.

The Getty Museum has free entrance (although it is $15 to park near the tram). The metro bus can take you to the tram so technically you could cut the cost. If I lived here full time, I imagine that is what I would do and I imagine I would go more than the average person. Just the buildings and gardens are fabulous. We were there on an exceptionally beautiful day so I could imagine myself on a bench reading a book. We also meandered through the Paris: Life and Riches exhibit, which was really cool. I love Marie Antionette's story, so the exhibit sort of immersed you in the facts of the age. One thing I did notice about the clothing and bed was that people were VERY small. I mean teany-tiny. If you think our twin beds at school are small, think again! There was also a photography exhibit of photos taken in Cuba and British watercolors. As someone who is a horrendous artist (My mima, mother, and sister are all artistic.) I am envious of those who have the talent! I do love to look at the pretty colors. No, that is not a joke. I am all about color schemes. What goes together, what colors flatter each other, ect.

As the heat of the day hit, we headed back to my parents hotel where we met up with my dad and grabbed lunch by the pool. I won't give you the details, but I am can sure you can imagine the story when I say 'never a dull moment.' There is always bickering and eye-rolling (with love) in the Hall family. After my fish tacos, Maddi and I went back to the house to rest up before the birthday party. (You'll see a photo of all the female family members at the party in the slideshow above.) The party was really fun and lasted until about 1 am ending mostly in hysterical conversations in the living room. No topic is off limits in this family... seriously.

1/2 Skateboard

Anyways, today we went to Venice Beach. You may recall that I have been there before and wanted to return a second time to get some art for my suite next year. (My dorm room is generally a reflection of everywhere I have traveled with an emphasis on the beach. Think of it as an oasis when its 30 below in the dead of winter.) While we there, I had great success with the new decorations. I purchased a painted broken skateboard (really 1/2 a skateboard) that can hang on my wall. It keeps with with beach theme and its says 'Venice Beach 2011' which differentiates it from my Hawaii beach memorabilia. I also purchased two photo prints from a local photographer of Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica beach. Once again fitting the theme, but obviously from a different destination.
Santa Monica Photo Prints

Now, we are off to dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday which is on Tuesday. I can't believe she is going to be 17! I started college at 17. (Side note: Someone asked me how old I was yesterday and I responded 'Almost 20.' I then proceeded to have an internal freak out about the whole i-have-been-alive-2-decades thing.)

Tomorrow: Lunch with my family and the boss. My dad and my boss have been friends for a long time, but this will be interesting...


Friday, August 5, 2011

College Wardrobe Essentials - Fall, Winter and Spring

So you applied, got accepted, and finally picked your school. Now, you have no idea what to pack. Don't worry, I am here to help! Here I have a few essentials for the school seasons. As a California lady who treks to Vermont for school, I can tell you that these are things that are great to have in your wardrobe! To view the image in full size, simply click it!

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xo Gabbi

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Making a Change


Well, technically, I've already made one change.
I'm now a brunette and I'm totally obsessed. I love the color. I love the change. I'm really excited about it. However, that's not really what this post is about. This post is about new responsibilities.

While SMC finds a new Assistant Director of Marketing for Social Media, I am taking on some additional responsibilities. This includes organizing blogger training as well as logging hours.

Some people might resent the extra work, but I see it as an excellent opportunity. This is a great way to get more experience in a leadership position, work on my organization, and learn more about social media marketing.

So I am starting to plan training. The challenge I didn't expect was finding a date in the first week of school that would work for a lot of the blogger team. We are closing in on a date, but boy, we are all busy, busy people. I guess that's good, though. It means you get to here about more of what is happening on campus.

I want to end on this note. Thank goodness for my summer internship. It has given me so many new tools that allow me to take on these new responsibilities. It has given me the ability to work with a team and still lead and make decisions. My recommendation to everyone: Do at least one internship. You can't know how invaluable they are until you are in one.

That being said, I can't WAIT to get back to school in less than a month. I miss all my friends and I even miss class! (The homework and exams part, not so much...) Have questions about SMC? Ask them here.

See you all soon!

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