Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tips from Alumni

Hey All!

As you may have noticed, I occasionally like to post other people's ideas on my blog because really, who wants to listen to my annoying voice all the time? :-D So, I had this thought: Why not get advice from alumni? That is exactly what I did. I posted this question on the Saint Michael's College Alumni LinkedIn Group:

Hi! I am a student blogger at SMC and I'm collecting information for a new post. What is the one thing you wish you knew before coming to SMC? With your tip, please include the year you graduated :) I'd appreciate input from all graduating classes! This is for the incoming Class of 2015! Thank you!

Here is the advice they gave: (Thanks, Alumni!)

Ryan Walker '01 How cold it was going to be.

Karen McPhillips '84 That you can learn and have fun despite the snowy/icy winters and muddy springs.

Kathleen Ward '10 I think that is important to consider is a study abroad option. Incoming students should try and make their own decisions about where to study abroad and pick based on a personal decision, not a group decision. The ability to live abroad and study for a semester is something students should be thinking about in order to complete a major - same some general requirement classes!

E Keith Maloney '66 The importance of networking with faculty, friends' parents, with all the people I met during those years so that I could reach out to them when I needed help, advice, insight......all were willing, all I had to do was ask! Great lesson learned AFTER St. Mike's and it could and should have started sooner.
     Continues later in the discussion with: Fortunately the College is now offering a Career Symposium (11.4.11) which brings 30+ alums back to campus for panel discussions and networking sessions. I've been a member of the Alumni Board of Directors for the past 4 years and this is the 3rd year of the Symposium (ABoD sponsors the event). Gabbi, you can help it succeed by getting more of your fellow students to attend/participate. Also, the ABoD is working closely with the Internship Department to expand opportunities for summer internships. There's a software program for matching students with alumni based on an eHarmoney model that should be up and running this fall...check with Joanne LeBrake-Muelberger for details! SMC is definitely taking steps to grow these areas of work-related experiences for students!

Mark Preston '00 Internships, Internships, Internships... the more real world experience you have, the clearer you'll be with your career goals and objectives. At my company we have a number of Northeastern co-op students working with us throughout the year. I'm continually impressed by their level of professionalism and intellect. Many are often offered opportunities for employment after school.

Kara Cleaver '91 The importance of the full 360 degree experience, meaning academics, social (as in friends and dorms and eating in the dining hall, etc.) as well as participating and experiencing many different types of events, clubs, etc. Never again will you have so much available to you so conveniently with the ability to try many things and discover new, perhaps lifetime, interests. And the other I will mention is employment options/career paths and more information about those professions.

I hope that you can use this advice to your advantage while you are at SMC! Questions? Ask here:!


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