Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some people say that being in a small college is a lot like being in high school. Do you think that this is true in some ways?

I've heard that is true, but I did a mix of ski academy and independent study for high school, so my experience was atypical. I think that, just like high school, you are going to have drama and your 'crew' and stress. However, in college, there is no one there to force you to go to class. (You should go anyways. Skipping is NOT a good idea.) You can also have multiple 'crews' in college. All of my friends aren't necessarily friends with each other. As for drama, living together adds a new dynamic to education and that is something you will have to grow accustomed to. Don't expect everyone to mature the minute they set foot on campus.

I think a major difference between the small college community and high school community is the life-long friendships and professionalism. Not to say high school friends won't stick together, but I can already see that I am going to seek out my SMC friends when I want their professional opinion or life advice. We are all moving into adulthood together, so it seems like a different type of relationship than I have with my high school friends.


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