Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rihanna 'LOUD' Tour - Staples Center, Los Angeles

For my cousin's 8th grade graduation, I bought her and myself tickets to see Rihanna when she was performing at the Staples Center. I have been to a few concerts, but this was my first big pop tour.


So did the other fans. I've never been to a Lady Gaga concert to don't have a bar that high, but there were so EXCELLENT outfits. Some girls dressed up as Rihanna while others just went for.. um..... loud? My personal favorite was a man in short jean shorts, lime green v-neck t shirt, orange suspenders, leopard print socks, and black hiking boots.

When we go inside we were seated in the 300's (aka nosebleeds, but we were in the front row of the nose bleeds looking, essentially, dead-on at the stage. Sure, I would have loved to be in floor seats, but my intern salary doesn't allow for that :) Anyways...

If you are a Rihanna fan, you have to go. I was very impressed by her vocals and the dancing and don't even get me started on the 7 screens, 5 of which generally blasted hypnotic colors. She started of with 'Only Girl in the World' and performed hits such as Unfaithful, S&M, California Kind Bed, Pon de Replay, and Hard. She also did Skin and Man-Down off her latest album, which were phenomenal! It was an hour and a half set and she was hardly ever off stage.  Below is a quick clip of Man Down. It was taken from my iPhone so quality isn't great, but you get the idea!

Talk to you all soon!


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