Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I hear many people say that generally, the major of 'media studies' is not respected. I know that SMC this department is very strong so it's different - but how do you react to sceptics? I am concerned because this will also be my major.

I have to strongly disagree. I think Media Studies is a very respectable major because it prepares you for several fields. You can go into marketing, public relations, journalism, digital design, or anything that requires strong communication skills and computer skills. Let's be honest, isn't that every job nowadays?

Want to go become a doctor after undergrad? You can do that do. Some schools reserve a special number of spot for students in non-science related majors. You have to take the proper science and math classes to pass the exams, but you don't have to be a biochemistry major!

Also, consider that you can have a minor. So you could be a media studies major with a poli-sci minor and then work in public relations for your favorite politician. You won't necessarily become a reporter.

My point is: Do what you love and don't think about what other people are saying or believe.

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