Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How do you remember people's names at your workplace? I'm an intern and I basically only know my supervisor's name.

Let me start with a story. My first week I had to go to Michelle to get some advertisements cleared by compliance. Well, I awkwardly went to Karen and called her Michelle. She laughed and directed me to the next office over :) After that I made a system.

What really sticks with me is random factoids. For example, I know that Michelle with two 'L's is planning her wedding while Karen always has the really cute outfits. Michele (with one 'L') told me on my very first day how to use the coffee machine. It's little things like that.

I also have a chart that outlines who they are and what they do in the office/company. If you are having trouble you might want to make a chart and include descriptions like 'blonde hair, works in 2nd office on the left' and things like that. Eventually, you won't have to consult the sheet anymore. It's also nice to write in the random fact such as 'likes to rock climb' or 'is getting married.' They make excellent conversation starters AND it creates a stronger relationship with the co-workers.

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