Monday, June 27, 2011

What to Wear as an Intern (Part 2) - #Interntips

Everyone has their own ideas about how to dress for an internship. You hear 'Dress for the position you want, not the one you have,' but I've also heard you don't have to dress as nice as your co-workers because *big surprise* you are the intern. I think my boss said it best, though. 'Dress in a way that is the least offensive to the most people.'

From day one, my boss said something along the lines of 'I don't care what you do or wear on the weekends.' Aka you can be a tattooed, spike-wearing, rock-n-roll star on the weekends, but in the office everything must be 'Gucci.' I need to dress in a way that is the least offensive to my co-workers and clients. I wouldn't wear jeans on a day other than Casual Friday because that would be offensive. (Not so much scandalous, and just ill-fitting for the environment.)

Here are a few wardrobe staples to help keep the 'offensive' level at a minimum.

Jones New York

1) Black or dark blue blazer - A blazer goes easily with the strapless dress that isn't office appropriate or it can dress up a pair of jeans on casual Friday. I rock a navy blue one (similar to the one on the right) with really faint pin-stripes. It was definitely work the investment because I will be able to wear this for a long time.

2) Black COMFORTABLE heels - I wear mine nearly everyday and I just keep them under my desk. I wear my Sperry's to and from the office. This makes it a) way easier to drive and b) I can wear my comfortable shoes until my boss comes in. :) Black heels also go with everything, so no matter what you are wearing you'll a have a pair of nice shoes to wear all-day.

Taken from All Dressed In Argyle
3) Pearls - I feel like its a cliche, but its true. Pearls are a great accessory. Like black heels, they go with nearly everything and make everything classier. Even my somewhat fashion-challenged father knows that. In fact, he is the one who suggested (and bought) my necklace-earring set. They aren't real, but it's better that way. I have a knack for doing things like sitting on expensive sunglasses.

Ignore the fact that this is sideways....
Once you have the non-offensive essentials, you can play a bit. I like to play with nail color, bracelets, tops, and dresses. For example, today I am wearing the holy trifecta: blazer, pearls, and black heels. To ward off my fear of frumpy, I am wearing my new dress from Urban Outfitters. (On sale for $30! Yay bargain hunting!) It is white with a big leaf print in red, blue, grey and a pale pink. It has a high(ish) neckline. (Cleavage can be offensive.) The dress hits a few inches above my knee. The material is light, which is great for LA and its flowy aka comfy for all-day wear.

Comfort is important. Work can be stressful and you don't want to be worried about the fact that you can't breath in your non-stretch pencil skirt.

So there you go! For Part One of this blog, head to What to Wear As An Intern.
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