Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Venice Beach, California

Let's call it eclectic. Venice Beach is a very eclectic place. I went on Memorial Day so the main strip was bustling with tourists, locals, surfers, artists, performers, cooks, and other vendors. I just want to throw this out there, I would LOVE to be one of those cool surfer chicks who rides a skate board to the beach with a board in hand. That's so awesome. Moving on...
My aunt and uncle were nice enough to take me down and show me around. My cousin, Clay, came to. He's a sport. I honestly didn't know what to expect when were headed down. I probably could have just googled it... Then I realized 'I'm sure I've seen this in like a million movies.'  

(Yes, I do use 'like' when I speak to myself. In fact, I am my internal voice can sound like a total valley girl, but that is whole different discussion.)


The day was flawless. It was cloudless skies and a nice 80 degrees with an ocean breeze. I even got some color :). Yay for not being pasty!  While the walk way was crowded, the beach was pretty empty and the sand was so soft. I want to go back and just tan. Anyways...

As we walked we passed Muscle Beach, there was a body-building competition going on. There were men and women getting ready to compete and one of the ladies had the most 'Vegas' swimsuit I have ever seen. The sparkled were BLINDING. She was also wearing, what appeared to be, the LEAST comfortable high heels I have ever seen. They were that weird plastic like jelly sandals and all I was thinking was 'Those would give me HORRIBLE blisters.'

Juggling machetes... on a ladder.
Once we made it passed that spectacle, we came across guys promoting their music. It was actually really good reggae. Unfortunately, I couldn't 'donate' for a CD because I'm broke. I sort of wanted to say 'Only if you donate to my college fund,' :-P but I didn't.

The whole experience was slightly overwhelming. There was just a lot to take in. I have decided to go back before I come to school to collect some dorm room decorations. There were some really awesome paintings that would go with my tropical theme. Next year, my room will look like hybrid of a tropical forest and the beach. I also want to go back because there was an American Apparel factory store and a whole lot of sunglasses.

I have also noticed that feathers are ALL the rage right now. Not just those funky hair feathers (which I want, but are not office-appropriate), but the big feather earring. Yes, the one singular 'Ke$ha' earring. Or can we talk about the really cool leather headbands with feathers that I REALLY WANT. However, I would look totally ridiculous in that.

After we meandered the beach, my 'summer family' as I call them took me to this great seafood restaurant where I had totally bomb fish tacos. Oh, there were so good. I also had some amazing clam chowder, which I totally have a weakness for. One of my various nicknames in high school was 'Chowda.' Back on point, seafood is so good when you are, in fact, near the ocean. :)

Until my next LA adventure, I am sitting in my office preparing for some meetings and staying heavily caffeinated. If you have questions for me, you can shoot me an email or ask me via Formspring.


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