Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SMC Purple Knights vs UCLA Bruins

Haha, just kidding. That epic showdown hasn't yet happened yet. :) I'm really talking a campus vs campus blog. Let's start with basics, shall we?

Saint Michael's College

A small, Catholic, liberal arts college about 5 minutes outside Burlington, VT.

Student Body: 1,900 undergraduates; 650 graduate students; 250 international students. Students hail from 38 states and 13 countries (79 percent from outside of Vermont). 54 percent are women, 46 percent male. (

Location: 440 acres between the shores of Lake Champlain and the majestic Green Mountains in Colchester, Vermont. We’re minutes from Burlington, the state’s largest city and cultural center, and a renowned college town.

Population:  42,417

Longest Season: Winter

Shoe of choice: Sperry's or Uggs

University of California - Los Angeles
UCLA Campus Map

A large, public college in Los Angeles, CA.

Student Body: There are almost 40,000 students at UCLA, roughly 27,000 undergraduates and 13,000 graduate and professional students. (About UCLA)

Location: Los Angeles, CA (just off Sunset Blvd)

Population: 9,848,011 

Longest Season: Summer

Shoe of choice: Flip-flops

Now, that you have basics, I think we agree that SMC is tiny compared to the monstrosity that is UCLA. I got LOST on the UCLA campus yesterday. Straight up turned around, driving in circles, LOST. In retrospect, I did get to see more of the campus than I would have otherwise. I will also say that the UCLA campus is really pretty and has lots of bricks, much like St. Mike's. One of the big things that UCLA boasts that Saint Mike's can't is... *drum roll, please* ... a whole lot of sunshine.
My friend, Audrey, who is a freshman at UCLA this year, said its been 70 degrees and gorgeous pretty much all year. (Audrey and I have been friends for a long time and I actually hadn't seen her in three years until yesterday. We were on a ski team together junior year of high school and traveled the world.) Unfortunately, St. Mike's gets more snow that sunshine it seems. The plus for Saint Mike's? We don't have to walk 20-30 minutes to get to class. :) Seriously. That's a trek for the Bruins. Audrey was uber jealous that I can roll out of bed 10 minutes before class and still get there in time.
While these schools couldn't seem more different, I have actually found that the towns that are near them are pretty similar. Here are the common traits.

1) An inexpensive thai food restaurant.
2) A great ice cream shop (In VT, it's Ben and Jerry's and in Westwood, it's this place that makes ice cream sandwiches)
3) Shopping. There is an Urban and Victoria's Secret.
4) Movie theaters.

As you can see, both places have all the essentials :) While UCLA has its merits, I have to tell you that I still love St. Mike's.

a) I like the small size. I always see people I know.
b) I can ski everyday.
c) The professors actually know who I am. I don't have to go to a mass-athletes advising session. I meet one on one with my adviser.
d) I know I am not going to get lost driving around campus. <-- HUGE draw.

Okay, that's my very scientific and analytical comparison of UCLA and SMC. I just felt that I had to express why St. Mike's is so fabulous after visiting UCLA.


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