Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Use KnightVision

KnightVision is a mysterious tool, but I promise that in a few semesters you'll know every nook and cranny. Admittedly, I pretty much knew KnightVision by the time I arrived at St. Mike's because I loved looking at all the class options. First, I should probably define KnightVision. This is the tool SMC students use to register for classes, view their transcripts, look at progress reports, and accept financial aid packages. (You will get your log in eventually, but you don't need it for the purposes of this blog post, exploring class options.)

Most of you (Class of 2015) will get to know KnightVision at your registration day, however there are those who can't go to a registration day because they are far away and/or traveling. (Where are my west coasters at?) I was in Hawaii during all the registration days, (Not that I would have been able to go because I am from California.) so I filled out my class registration form all by myself.

I feel it is only fair that I pass on my KnightVision knowledge to you so that you can feel a little more comfortable as you are picking classes.

To access KnightVision, head to On this page, click 'Current Students,' marked in yellow in the photo to the right.

Current Student Page

Now, scroll down and under the 'Technology' heading you will find the link for 'KnightVision.' Click it.
Knight Vision Home
 Next, select the 'Student' section. (When you do have a username and password, you will select Log-In and then go to the student page.)
Student Menu

You will see several interesting things on this page, but the one you want to access to search for classes is under 'Registration'. Select the 'Search for Sections' link.
As you can see from this photo, once you have log in info you will be able to access all the information pertaining to your education including GPA and what courses you still need to take.
Search for Sections

Once you are in Search for Sections, you can get more specific. You will need to pick a Term (top scroll bar). You will pick Fall 2011. Then you can choose a subject such as First Year Seminar, Physics, or Dance.
And let's say that you don't want ANY classes before 10 am. Well, there is an app for that! Oh, wait... wrong product. Well, there is an option for that. You can select 'Sections Meeting After:'

Course List
When you hit 'Submit', the classes meeting your requirements will appear. Here I have searched for First Year Seminars meeting after 10 am. You can see the time, place, and professor for the classes. Do not worry about the fact that classes say 'Closed' or that there are no spots available. That changes when you guys register.

When you click on class, you will see a course description as well as what LSR (Liberal Studies Requirement) the class fulfills, along with any pre-requisites you may need.

If you have any questions about selecting courses or KnightVision, feel free to ask me on Formspring or VYou or shoot me an email!


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