Monday, June 6, 2011

hi gabbi! Just wondering, do you interact with the younger smc bloggers on things outside of blogging or have similar interests with them (books, movies?)I'm interested in becoming a blogger, but am nervous that if chosen as a first year, i won't fit in.


Outside of blogging we certainly interact. We don't awkwardly ignore each other when we meet on campus :-P I am not involved in the clubs that they are involved in, which is part of the reason we are bloggers. (Bloggers often have a 'leg up' if they are involved in campus activities that are not already represented. The fact that you are in incoming student gives you a nice niche :) ) Bloggers do have overlapping activities like campus ministry or athletic teams.

We do have similar interests. For example, @kayleymavridis and I like Pride and Prejudice, while @HeartsHalo92 and I are really excited for Breaking Dawn (go ahead and judge.)

As for fitting in with the bloggers, don't worry. We are all pretty different people. I am loud and obnoxious. Alex is really really nice. Marci is super smart. Its a big mix of students. Our big bonding factor is that we love SMC. (Yes, that's so corny) I think we get along pretty well considering we are very diverse.

Have you been put on the email list for blogger training next fall? I am assuming you are. If you are not, but are interested in being a blogger, email and cc me on the email, ( I am the student coordinator for next year.)

Hope this helps and I look forward to meeting you!

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