Monday, June 20, 2011

#glamtern week 4 + family time

   My mind is literally blown. I've been in Los Angeles for a month now. Today is the start of week 5 as #glamtern. We are in the midst of what locals call 'June Gloom.' Um, excuse me? I did not sign up for that when I moved here. :-/ oh, well. Things are going great despite the occasional cloud cover.
   Last week, I took on a number of projects. I'd say my biggest project is a pitch book for an adviser with the firm.Its a small packet, but I get the privilege of doing the entire design, including creating a logo and color scheme. The adviser is, of course, consulting, but this is really cool and it is something I can put in a portfolio when I apply for jobs later. It's also pretty fun to experiment with different looks for the packet. They key is finding a balance between colorful and interesting without going overboard. I suppose that rule applies to a lot of things.
The Beach
   I also got a few of my new ads approved, so those are up and running. I'm still trying to figure out Microsoft Adcenter. It is essentially just like Google Adwords, but I'm just not a huge fan of the interface in AdCenter. In addition, I'm working on an email newsletter/ad campaign. I've never done an email campaign like this, but I figure it is good experience for Founder's Society emails when I have to send them out. Your mind will be BLOWN by my awesome emails! Haha.
   In non-work related news, I had a fabulous weekend. Let's start at the beginning, shall we? I bought tickets to the Rihanna concert at the Staples Center. She's performing with Cee Lo Green and I'm REALLY excited. It's not like we are sitting front row, but I can't expect a Higher Ground situation everywhere. :) I've also never been to a big Pop concert so this will be really fun. I'm taking my cousin,  Lyric, for her 8th grade graduation.The concert is next Tuesday... work night... eh, whatever. I've gotten less sleep on a school night. I also purchased my flight home to Lake Tahoe for 4th of July weekend. I can't wait to enjoy the lake for a few days... oh, and see my family. :)
The Cousins
  Now, for my actual weekend activities, I went to the beach Saturday. We went to this little beach just passed Zuma Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway. It was really cool and for most the time it was just myself, Rain, and Clay. Rain's parents also joined us. I hadn't see them since my uncle's 30th Birthday.... when I was 5. That's pretty much how it is with this whole section of my family. They all say 'When did I see you last? You were like this tall *insert hand gesture at about knee height*.' (Flashback: At my uncle's 30th birthday, I had a horrible embarrassing clown swimsuit on... it was a little traumatizing.)It was a really nice day with sun and a breeze so I wasn't uncomfortably warm.

Ya, that's me... awkwardly in front....
   The next day as you all know was Father's Day. The whole gang got together at my Aunt's parent's house. By the whole gang, I mean the sisters +brother+ wives+husbands+cousins. It was VERY fun. We played the train game (GREAT BOARD GAME!), and bocce ball, which I totally rocked at, by the way. I have MAD bocce ball skills. Its really fun to have such a big family around. Mostly it is just different because my immediate family is pretty small and Lyric and Clay are my only first cousins.
Anyways, I should get back to work on my pitchbook, but feel free to ask me any questions you might have about SMC on the 'Ask Questions About SMC' tab up above!


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