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Your Questions Answered by @HeartsHalo92 @kayleymavridis and @lisaritter12


While the world definitely revolves around me (please note joking attitude in that statement) and this blog is all about my experience about SMC, I know that all of the SMC Bloggers have great experience and expertise to offer to all the people reading my story. Therefore, this post is dedicated to sharing some of the answers given by my peers. If you have questions for me, head to my VYou, Formspring, or shoot me an email.


Meet Alex from the Class of 2014
Alex '14

Is there anything incoming students should do during the summer that will make the college transition smoother?

Alex's answer: That is such a terrific question!! My main tip- try to get involved with the things that SMC offers enrolled students. What I would definitely do first is to become a member of the Class of 2015 facebook page if you haven't already. It's a great way to get in contact with many students in the class of 2015 and discuss everything from dorms, Burlington, and just how much you love SMC :) Knight Chats are also a great way to talk to SMC students have gone through this before and can give you tips for getting quickly adjusted to college life- we'll be having a couple throughout the summer, so I'll be sure to let everyone know the dates on my blog when I know them!! Second, I would recommend going to one of the 3 Class Registration Days/ Preorientation weekends in July. It's really the first contact you have with some professors, faculty, and students who will be going through the same thing as you come August 25th- plus, it's a great way to know familiar faces on move in day :) You'll receive a lot of information regarding things you need, signing up for programs etc. in your Student Guide which should be coming sometime in May (I still have mine on my nightstand here :)
Here are some of the links to all the great SMC things for the Class of 2015
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=110864792264787
Class of 2015 info page: http://smcvt.edu/newclass/
Knight Chat info: http://smcvt.edu/knightchat/
Preorientation Weekend Info: http://smcvt.edu/studentlife/orientation/

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Meet Kayley from the Class of 2014

Kayley, what do you think is the most defining part of your experience at saint michael's?

Kayley '14
Hmmmm, this is an excellent question and thank you for asking it! I really think the most defining part of my experience at Saint Mike's is the acceptance I feel when I'm here. Everyone, including both the students and the faculty, is really welcoming and willing to help you around campus. Last semester I was taking my Geography final two days early and thought that the exam was at 1:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, but it was really at 9:30 that day. My friend, who was taking the final exam with me, texted me that morning asking why I wasn’t at the exam. I was already late by 30 min and I was so nervous to walk into the class. I got to the classroom and froze; I was terrified to go in. I was pacing and pacing outside the door, when a girl was passing me. I stopped her and asked her 'should I go into my class? I'm a half hour late for my exam.' She calmed me down and told me to go into my class. My professor was really understanding and allowed me to stay a little late to finish my test. At the time I was extremely nervous, but I am so happy I asked that girl for help. This is just one example of the compassion that both students and faculty are willing give any person. The community feel at Saint Mike’s is palpable and is one of the main reasons why I came to Saint Mike’s.

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Meet Lisa from the Class of 2014
Lisa '14

I'm scared to gain the Freshman 15 when I come to college - what should I do?

Hi! Well the Freshman 15 can be a very real thing if you're not careful. Just eat as much as you normally do at home and don't order take-out too often! Our dining hall has a lot of great and delicious healthy options. As good at the fries and burgers are, salads are sometimes the better choice. We also have a gym that's free to students so if you need to work off some calories, that's a great place to go. My strategy this year has just been to only eat when I'm hungry and I haven't been snacking as much as I used to at home. Thanks for the question!

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