Saturday, May 7, 2011

What kind of stuff should we reflect on before our advising session? Did you do a lot of preparation?

Great question! In your new student manual there will be a listing of classes for the Liberal Studies Curriculum as well as classes for each of the majors. You will definitely want to look through all the classes available to you. You will then want to pick your top 4 class choices. Then, you will need back-up courses in the event that the classes you want get filled up.

My course picking process went was follows:
1) Pick Journalism courses (I was declared JO coming in)
2) Pick my first year seminar
3) Pick a course that would fulfill an LSC as well as make me interested in learning.

Then I called the Registrar's Office to ask them what they thought of my class choices. If you are attending a July Registration Day, you don't need to call Registrar because there will be advisers there to talk to you. For people like me (from far away) who can not attend a registration day, the Registrar Office is a great resource. Example: I wanted to take Military Fitness thinking 'Oh, what a great way to keep off the Freshman 15.' The problem was that the class was at 6:30 am and at UVM.... It is nice to know what you are getting into.

Hope this helps! :)

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