Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Funday

The party doesn't ever stop here. By party, I mean the slew of activities for students to attend and participate in. While Sunday may be generally seen as the 'day of crawling into a corner in the library,' on days like yesterday where it was warm enough to tan on the lawn, the library is an emptier place.

In the morning, I went to Magnolia's with Sarah. Later, we went to the nature trail for a nice walk. The full circle is a little under a mile and its a nice place to run. Sarah and I were more in it for the scenic appeal and sunshine. Working out wasn't on the priority list. After that, I grabbed some homework, my handy dandy iPad, and my beach towel. I met with Kate and Sarah on the lawn between Pontigny and Route 15. I went outside with every intention of doing homework.... that lasted an entire 5 minutes... I turned on my music and took a cat nap. Luckily, I have a base tan so I didn't get burned, but my friends did. :-/ Poor Sarah fell asleep on her stomach and is red all down her back side.

After laying out for a while, I decided it was time to go inside because it was time to get ready for dinner with the 'Bellas before opening for Mike Check at their final concert. We wore summer dresses in honor of the nice weather.

At the Mike Check concert we sang, Viva La Vida by ColdPlay, Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, and a new mash up of I Need a Doctor and All the Things She Said. That last one is one of our new favorites. When I have the video of our final concert, I PROMISE you it will be up here on the blog. Just like my friend, Emma, said, no one promotes the group quite like I do.... (Thanks, Emma?)

I do want to sat that Mike Check had McCarthy Recital close to filled, but I like to think Aca Bellas bought some beauty to the performance. Mike Check, of course, brings the funny.

I promise to get you some fresh new videos soon! For now, click all the hyperlinks in the blog. Most of them are for youtube videos! :)


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