Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Start of Summer/Internship Prep

A week ago, my second year of college became a thing of the past. I packed up my room and my suite. I threw out the old assignments that just sat on my desk for 6 months and stored the photos, sheets, and pillows. I cleaned the sticky blue stuff off the walls that I had used to hang decorations until the walls were stark white. I left behind an empty room that will have a brand new occupant next year.
I was ready to get out of there. I was ready to come back to the best (aka west) coast. I was ready to see my family. I was also ready to take a mental break. The question now: What is the next step?

(Imagine these next few lines scrolling in like a crime/spy show where they say 'Operation... Agent..... Location...')

Answer: Summer Internship
Location: Los Angeles, CA
One of the new looks
Job: Online Marketing/Social Media Intern with Western International Securities; I will be assisting in the company's online outreach. I'm also more than happy to do the coffee runs, if they need me to. (The logistics of online outreach in the financial world are very regulated due to compliances. It will be a whole new field and will certainly present many challenges. Needless to say, I have a lot to learn and I'm a little nervous.)

Yup, I pretty much landed an epic summer job. Thanks to my experience as a blogger at SMC, the CEO thought I was qualified, so off I go. I am driving down on Saturday to my aunt and uncle's place. They are letting me crash in their spare room for the summer, which is great because trying to find an apartment would've been VERY stressful. I will be taking my mom's car as mine is still in Vermont. (Thanks, Mom!)
To keep up with other interning experience, follow the Intern Blog.

Ignore the war zone that is my room.
Part of my preparations was to purchase some new work clothes. It was really fun. I mean, what girl doesn't love a quality shopping spree? On the flip side, work clothes? office appropriate? real-world? That is a little intimidating. I am going into a real job for all intents and purposes including full-work days. Woah.

I am pretty thrilled about the outfits, particularly the dress up above. It's BCBG, my favorite, and it was $30 at the outlet store. LOVE IT. :) I think I'll be sporting it a lot this summer. I know that you are LOVING the my super awesome iPhone-in-the-mirror pics. They are pretty sophisticated. I am still deciding which of my new looks to sport on day one. First impressions matter... So do firm handshakes according to Professor Cleary. :) I always take my professor's advice to heart.

Well, I am off to pick up my mom so we can go grocery shopping. The fridge is empty. NOT GOOD. We are having salmon and Caesar salad tonight. Yum!


PS: If you have any questions, you can ask here. I'm really quick with responses due to my nifty iPhone app.

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