Thursday, May 5, 2011

Residential Contract Placement Form (Freshman Housing)

Want to know about the questions that are going to be on your housing form? I've for the details! 

When you sleep, do you like silence or background noise?

When you study, do you like silence or background noise?

Are you a smoker?/ Could you live with a smoker? (There is no smoking in residential buildings.)

Do you prefer to spend time with a few close friends or many friends?

Are you interested in sports?

How would you describe the condition of your room at home? Clean, Cluttered, or Messy

Do you prefer a single-sex floor or single-sex wing? (All buildings are co-ed)

What kind of music do you listen to?

Are you interested in GREAT Housing? Honors Housing?


  1. How can they gain insight from a question as sweeping as Are you interested in Sports? I just don't want to somehow give the wrong answer.

  2. Hi!
    There will be space on the form to indicate what sports you are interested in! For example, I said ski racing. The girl I was matched with had raced in high school and volunteered with ski patrol at Okemo. Don't worry, you get a chance to be specific. It isn't simply 'Are you an athlete or sports fan?'
    Hope this helps!


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