Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NCAA Initial Eligibility - SMC New Student Manual

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The Alpine Ski Team 2009-2010
Where are the incoming athletes? As promised, I am releasing information from the Class of 2015 New Student Manual as a sneak preview to what you will be receiving in the mail. Here is this week's excerpt:

Are you planning to play a varsity sport for the Purple Knights? Are you unsure, but thinking about trying out for a team? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please read on…

ALL first-year students, and those transfer students who did not play a Division I or II varsity sport prior to attending Saint Michael’s, MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to their first opportunity to participate (tryout or practice). This process grants certification for both academic and amateurism status, and can take a considerable length of time if the necessary documentation is not submitted in a timely fashion.

• First things first. Get a free copy of the NCAA’s excellent Guide To The College-Bound Student Athlete. Download it at www.ncaastudent.org.

• Now, if you have not done so already, log on to www.eligibilitycenter.org and create an account. This website is very user friendly and creative. Be sure to complete all sections of your account.

• Contact your high school/prep school guidance office or registrar, and request that an official copy of your transcript – complete with proof of graduation (the date of your commencement works fine) – be sent directly to the Eligibility Center. If you attended more than one high school, you must make this request of every school you attended.

• Then, log on to your standardized testing site (SAT or ACT), and have your test scores sent to the NCAA. The Eligibility Center’s four-digit code is 9999.

• That’s all you need to do….for now! It’s very important to continue to monitor your status with the NCAA Eligibility Center – you can log into your account on their site to get updated, and keep an eye on your e-mail (the address you used when you registered), as the NCAA will notify you if they need additional documentation or have questions.

NCAA Eligibility is an important process to deal with if you intend to play any varsity sport. It can take time because you need SAT scores as well as transcripts from ALL of your high schools.  It is pretty self-explanatory, but you may want to talk to your coach if you have any questions. I also may be able to answer your questions here.


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