Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magnolia's - Burlington, VT - Restaurant Recommendation

Hey All!

I have a new restaurant review for you. Today, I went to Magnolia's for the first time ever. My friend, Sarah, has raved about it forever and today presented a lovely opportunity to finally try it out.

Sarah and I went into Burlington at 10:15 and parked on College St. Magnolia's is located near American Flatbread, if you are familiar with the area. There was a wait for actual tables for about 20 minutes, but Sarah and I were seated at the counter, which was perfect for just two people. We were immediately asked if we wanted coffee and both of us were more than happy to have our cups filled.

I contemplated over several options on the menu including Eggs Benedict with tomato and spinach or the Breakfast Burrito with black beans, cheese, and eggs. I finally settled on the South Carolina omlette, which has cheddar cheese, pulled pork, and I added avocado. I am sort of an avocado fiend, if you will. The omlette came with toast and home fries. Magnolia's makes their own ketchup, which is pretty cool. I will say that I am a Heinz Ketchup fan.

Sarah ordered banana bread french toast. My omlette was UNREAL. Oh, it was so good. The pork was sweet and the cheese was melt. :) I highly recommend it! I also tried Sarah's french toast, which was enough food for four people. It was equally as delicious and definitely for someone with a sweet tooth.

If you are up here it's a great place to grab a breakfast or lunch out in Burlington for a reasonable price. For the two of us, it was a total of $27 including tax and tip. Afterwards, you can walk down to hang out at the lake.

To learn more, check out: Magnolia's Bistro

Look for a P-Day post and Talent Show post coming soon!

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