Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day as an Intern - Los Angeles, CA (Morning)

On Sunday, getting to know the city before Day One
5:15 am - Wake up. Well, that was what my alarm was set for anyways. I was up at 5:06 am. EARLY. It actually wasn't bad once I was caffeinated. Thank you, Keurig machine :)
Note to self: You can get up at 5:45 and be ready on time....

6:00 am - Start the commute. I actually have a really easy commute. If I stay in the the left lanes, it is basically a straight shot. That is, of course, until I need to get over 4 lanes to get off at my exit.

6:30 am - Arrive and park in the wrong parking structure. I parked in the structure with the Starbucks in it. Once I was in the office (an hour later), I had to move my car to the garage that is IN the building. Long story short, I can now park and get on the elevator straight to the office. YAY!

6:35 am - More caffeine. I grabbed a non-fat vanilla latte to pass some time because I got here so early. (By here, I mean MY OFFICE where I am currently sitting and waiting for my boss to arrive. This is real-time blogging.)

6:50 am - Enter office building. I awkwardly walk in and get in the elevator. I head up to the seventh floor. There is no one at the desk. I hear traders down the hall. Very rarely, I have a felt more awkward....
(Note to self: 7 am in this office means 7-ish...)

7:00 am - Meet my boss's assistant. She is really ridiculously nice. She introduced me to everyone. Some looked busier than others. She also showed me to MY OFFICE. You think I am kidding? I have a door and a view, and a computer and this fancy fax-printer-scanner thingamabob <-- My very technical office lingo. There are lots of drawers which I will never use, but I feel very fancy. If you have twitter, I am starting a hashtag: #glamtern There you can view my intern tweets! Or you can just follow me on twitter: @Gabbismc

8:00 am -Review all previous correspondence with my boss. I am currently re-reading many of the emails I have exchanged with my boss, including links and articles. I have been reading a white paper with compliance suggestions. The financial world has all these rules that need to be followed, so I have a lot to learn.

If you are interested in hearing about all my very important meetings that happened later in the day, head to the SMC Internship Blog!


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