Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Class of 2015 New Student Manual

I can tell from the Class of 2015 Facebook Page that you are all anxiously awaiting that large information booklet filled with lots of fun forms to fill out. (You'll be surprised that most the forms aren't tedious at all. They make you really excited to get to school.)

Well, I have a surprise for you. I have a sneak peak of the new student manual and I will be sharing some tid-bits with you here. This first post will have some of the important dates that will be in the manual as well as a list of First-Year Seminars that you can take! In future posts, I'll be posting other info from the manual. You will be getting the actual booklet in the second half of May.

Here we go!

June 10th - First Round of Forms Due including the Student/Parent Form, Residential Contract Form, and Summer Registration Day Form

July 7th - First Year Housing Assignments sent to your new email address!

July 8th - Summer Registration Day 1

July 8th - 10th - POW (Pre-Orientation Weekend) #1/Community Service Weekend
July 8th - 11th - WOW (Wilderness Orientation Weekend)

July 12th - Summer Registration Day 2
July 12th-13th - Knight Overnight Program
July 12th - 14th - POW #2

July 14th - 17th - SOAR (Summer Orientation for Academic Excellence and Retention)

July 15th - Summer Registration Day
July 15th-17th - POW #3
July 15th - 18th - WOW #2

April 25th - 28th - Move-in and New Student Orientation

If you have any questions, feel free to Formspring questions!


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