Thursday, May 5, 2011

Block M Varsity Athletics Dinner 2011

The Fellas Looking So Fi
The Block M Dinner is an event in honor of all the varsity athletes at Saint Mike's.

Coach's give out an award to a person on their team who they deem outstanding.

The coach's award is for an outstanding coach in athletics.

There are special awards that can be given to any exceptional athlete, but is generally for seniors.

There are corny photo slide shows and we honor our seniors.

Some of my ski girls
We, the ski team, didn't have any seniors. Yay! So we all get to be together again next year.

We also honor those who have above a 3.5 GPA.

Each team sits together and the placing always changes. This year, we sat next to Women's Lacrosse.

Its a great time for the team to hang out after the season. As I told Kelsey, we all get along much better after a nice hiatus from the togetherness.

I'm an athletics highlight!
The Block M Dinner is just another great tradition at SMC. Next year is number 65! I hope to see you there!


Kelly and I

Christina Billotti - Coach's Award Winner

Alpine and Nordic Team

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