Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are students more likely to get into 8am classes?

I don't know if there is a real statistic on this, but I would say that in my experience students prefer classes that start at 10 am. However, here are some things to consider as far as class times.

My first semester here, I had 8 am classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday. All my classes on those days were done by noon. On Friday, I was done by 10:30 am. That was particularly nice because if I wanted to take a weekend trip I didn't have to leave school at 4:30 pm. It is also nice to have your Friday available to get homework done so you can relax more on the weekend.

Another thing to consider: If you are NOT a morning person, I promise you will not become a morning person suddenly when you come to college. (My friend's mom, a college professor, gave me this advice before I registered for my classes.) Don't register for an 8 am class if you think there is any chance you will just sleep through. There is no mother here waking you up and telling you to go to class. It is all on you. Be honest with yourself when you are picking classes. My friend, Alyssa, makes the timing of her classes a priority. No classes before 10:30 am unless she absolutely has to.

I only tell you this because if you are thinking 8 am classes might be easier to get into, you might be right. Make sure you will be able to get yourself to class to the morning.


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