Saturday, May 7, 2011

Academic Advising for Incoming Freshman

Here is another sneak peak straight from the Class of 2015 New Student Manual! This one is all about academic advising when registering for classes.

'Academic advising is integral to your undergraduate career. Over the next four years, you will take increasing responsibility for your choice of a major, the selection of required and elective courses, and the rich opportunities provided through programs which complement your study. While your course selection and completion of degree requirements remain your direct responsibility, your advisor will provide guidance in how to reflect upon your strengths, refine your interests, and follow a course of study that leads you toward completion of undergraduate studies and preparation for a meaningful life.

During the Summer Registration Day, you will be assigned a temporary advisor for the initial registration process. As will always be the case, the productivity of the advising session depends heavily upon your preparation for this meeting. Reading the provided materials, reflecting on your interests, and discussing these matters with family and friends are all helpful in making wise decisions. Upon arrival in the fall, you will be assigned a permanent advisor, depending on your preference for a major. You should meet regularly with your advisor, and you will have a mandatory meeting each semester prior to registration.'

Live far away? Don't worry! I didn't go to a registration day. I filled out the class registration form and sent it in. I did call the registrar's office before hand to get a few tips.

More questions for me? Any info you are dying to know about ahead of time?
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