Monday, May 30, 2011

Week One: Los Angeles Intern

In all honesty, I can't believe I have only been in the office five days. I was settled in really quickly and already accomplishing things within the first few days. Let me tell you about my first few projects.

1) I consider learning how to more efficiently use Salesforce as a top priority. They know how to use it, but there are lot of things that can be added and reworked to make recruiting easier. For example, prior to my arrival, they were logging all contact (meetings, phone calls, ect.) into Notes. They are now logging them in Activities, so that they can sort leads by how recently (or long ago) they were contacted. My second project has been figuring out how to add sections into lead profiles. I figured it out Friday morning. I was so excited. I learn by just going in and fiddling with buttons.  A lot of the time, I don't find the 'Help' section very helpful.

2) My second job is marketing, online and even some print. My recent accomplishment on that end is: the CEO likes my potential print ads. :) Yay! (Thank you, Professor Sultze and my New Media 1 and 2 classes.) Learning about design was clearly a great idea, even though I was sure it had nothing to do with my future. I have to talk to him about budget and such next time I meet with him to give him Twitter lessons, but I feel like it is a great start to the internship.

3) I also help with things like editing Power points, which is great for honing my editing skills for the Defender next semester. I have also been typing up the procedures and guidelines for the department. It is basically a how-to, which has taught me a ton about the company.

I also sit in on a lot of meetings and conference calls, A) because I might be assigned a project and B) it allows me the opportunity to learn and understand what is going on. All in all, this is an incredible experience so far. Living with my aunt, uncle, and cousins is pretty cool, too. :)
If you have any questions for me, you can check out: My Formspring.
Or you can always shoot me an email.


Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day as an Intern - Los Angeles, CA (Morning)

On Sunday, getting to know the city before Day One
5:15 am - Wake up. Well, that was what my alarm was set for anyways. I was up at 5:06 am. EARLY. It actually wasn't bad once I was caffeinated. Thank you, Keurig machine :)
Note to self: You can get up at 5:45 and be ready on time....

6:00 am - Start the commute. I actually have a really easy commute. If I stay in the the left lanes, it is basically a straight shot. That is, of course, until I need to get over 4 lanes to get off at my exit.

6:30 am - Arrive and park in the wrong parking structure. I parked in the structure with the Starbucks in it. Once I was in the office (an hour later), I had to move my car to the garage that is IN the building. Long story short, I can now park and get on the elevator straight to the office. YAY!

6:35 am - More caffeine. I grabbed a non-fat vanilla latte to pass some time because I got here so early. (By here, I mean MY OFFICE where I am currently sitting and waiting for my boss to arrive. This is real-time blogging.)

6:50 am - Enter office building. I awkwardly walk in and get in the elevator. I head up to the seventh floor. There is no one at the desk. I hear traders down the hall. Very rarely, I have a felt more awkward....
(Note to self: 7 am in this office means 7-ish...)

7:00 am - Meet my boss's assistant. She is really ridiculously nice. She introduced me to everyone. Some looked busier than others. She also showed me to MY OFFICE. You think I am kidding? I have a door and a view, and a computer and this fancy fax-printer-scanner thingamabob <-- My very technical office lingo. There are lots of drawers which I will never use, but I feel very fancy. If you have twitter, I am starting a hashtag: #glamtern There you can view my intern tweets! Or you can just follow me on twitter: @Gabbismc

8:00 am -Review all previous correspondence with my boss. I am currently re-reading many of the emails I have exchanged with my boss, including links and articles. I have been reading a white paper with compliance suggestions. The financial world has all these rules that need to be followed, so I have a lot to learn.

If you are interested in hearing about all my very important meetings that happened later in the day, head to the SMC Internship Blog!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Start of Summer/Internship Prep

A week ago, my second year of college became a thing of the past. I packed up my room and my suite. I threw out the old assignments that just sat on my desk for 6 months and stored the photos, sheets, and pillows. I cleaned the sticky blue stuff off the walls that I had used to hang decorations until the walls were stark white. I left behind an empty room that will have a brand new occupant next year.
I was ready to get out of there. I was ready to come back to the best (aka west) coast. I was ready to see my family. I was also ready to take a mental break. The question now: What is the next step?

(Imagine these next few lines scrolling in like a crime/spy show where they say 'Operation... Agent..... Location...')

Answer: Summer Internship
Location: Los Angeles, CA
One of the new looks
Job: Online Marketing/Social Media Intern with Western International Securities; I will be assisting in the company's online outreach. I'm also more than happy to do the coffee runs, if they need me to. (The logistics of online outreach in the financial world are very regulated due to compliances. It will be a whole new field and will certainly present many challenges. Needless to say, I have a lot to learn and I'm a little nervous.)

Yup, I pretty much landed an epic summer job. Thanks to my experience as a blogger at SMC, the CEO thought I was qualified, so off I go. I am driving down on Saturday to my aunt and uncle's place. They are letting me crash in their spare room for the summer, which is great because trying to find an apartment would've been VERY stressful. I will be taking my mom's car as mine is still in Vermont. (Thanks, Mom!)
To keep up with other interning experience, follow the Intern Blog.

Ignore the war zone that is my room.
Part of my preparations was to purchase some new work clothes. It was really fun. I mean, what girl doesn't love a quality shopping spree? On the flip side, work clothes? office appropriate? real-world? That is a little intimidating. I am going into a real job for all intents and purposes including full-work days. Woah.

I am pretty thrilled about the outfits, particularly the dress up above. It's BCBG, my favorite, and it was $30 at the outlet store. LOVE IT. :) I think I'll be sporting it a lot this summer. I know that you are LOVING the my super awesome iPhone-in-the-mirror pics. They are pretty sophisticated. I am still deciding which of my new looks to sport on day one. First impressions matter... So do firm handshakes according to Professor Cleary. :) I always take my professor's advice to heart.

Well, I am off to pick up my mom so we can go grocery shopping. The fridge is empty. NOT GOOD. We are having salmon and Caesar salad tonight. Yum!


PS: If you have any questions, you can ask here. I'm really quick with responses due to my nifty iPhone app.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Questions Answered by @HeartsHalo92 @kayleymavridis and @lisaritter12


While the world definitely revolves around me (please note joking attitude in that statement) and this blog is all about my experience about SMC, I know that all of the SMC Bloggers have great experience and expertise to offer to all the people reading my story. Therefore, this post is dedicated to sharing some of the answers given by my peers. If you have questions for me, head to my VYou, Formspring, or shoot me an email.


Meet Alex from the Class of 2014
Alex '14

Is there anything incoming students should do during the summer that will make the college transition smoother?

Alex's answer: That is such a terrific question!! My main tip- try to get involved with the things that SMC offers enrolled students. What I would definitely do first is to become a member of the Class of 2015 facebook page if you haven't already. It's a great way to get in contact with many students in the class of 2015 and discuss everything from dorms, Burlington, and just how much you love SMC :) Knight Chats are also a great way to talk to SMC students have gone through this before and can give you tips for getting quickly adjusted to college life- we'll be having a couple throughout the summer, so I'll be sure to let everyone know the dates on my blog when I know them!! Second, I would recommend going to one of the 3 Class Registration Days/ Preorientation weekends in July. It's really the first contact you have with some professors, faculty, and students who will be going through the same thing as you come August 25th- plus, it's a great way to know familiar faces on move in day :) You'll receive a lot of information regarding things you need, signing up for programs etc. in your Student Guide which should be coming sometime in May (I still have mine on my nightstand here :)
Here are some of the links to all the great SMC things for the Class of 2015
Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=110864792264787
Class of 2015 info page:
Knight Chat info:
Preorientation Weekend Info:

More Questions for Alex? Go to her Formspring!

Meet Kayley from the Class of 2014

Kayley, what do you think is the most defining part of your experience at saint michael's?

Kayley '14
Hmmmm, this is an excellent question and thank you for asking it! I really think the most defining part of my experience at Saint Mike's is the acceptance I feel when I'm here. Everyone, including both the students and the faculty, is really welcoming and willing to help you around campus. Last semester I was taking my Geography final two days early and thought that the exam was at 1:00 in the afternoon on Tuesday, but it was really at 9:30 that day. My friend, who was taking the final exam with me, texted me that morning asking why I wasn’t at the exam. I was already late by 30 min and I was so nervous to walk into the class. I got to the classroom and froze; I was terrified to go in. I was pacing and pacing outside the door, when a girl was passing me. I stopped her and asked her 'should I go into my class? I'm a half hour late for my exam.' She calmed me down and told me to go into my class. My professor was really understanding and allowed me to stay a little late to finish my test. At the time I was extremely nervous, but I am so happy I asked that girl for help. This is just one example of the compassion that both students and faculty are willing give any person. The community feel at Saint Mike’s is palpable and is one of the main reasons why I came to Saint Mike’s.

More questions for Kayley? Ask her on Formspring.

Meet Lisa from the Class of 2014
Lisa '14

I'm scared to gain the Freshman 15 when I come to college - what should I do?

Hi! Well the Freshman 15 can be a very real thing if you're not careful. Just eat as much as you normally do at home and don't order take-out too often! Our dining hall has a lot of great and delicious healthy options. As good at the fries and burgers are, salads are sometimes the better choice. We also have a gym that's free to students so if you need to work off some calories, that's a great place to go. My strategy this year has just been to only eat when I'm hungry and I haven't been snacking as much as I used to at home. Thanks for the question!

More questions for Lisa? Ask her on Formspring!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Add Some WOW to Your Summer (Wilderness Orientation Weekend)

So you are wondering what the deal is with WOW or Wilderness Orientation Weekend. Well, here you go! This information is coming soon in your New Student Manual, but if you are really anxious to learn about it now, here you go. :) More questions? Ask here.


Saint Michael’s College offers two Wilderness Orientation Weekends for incoming first-year and transfer students. The weekends are designed to provide an opportunity to meet current students and classmates, learn about life at St. Mike’s, and explore our unique outdoor environment. The trips allow students to relax, have fun, meet new friends, and freely ask questions or talk about any concerns they may have regarding the college transition.

Each program is led by two Wilderness Program instructors. During the three-day trips students are exposed to a wide range of activities. There is no experience necessary to participate in any of the WOW programs. Our instructors will teach you the skills necessary to have an enjoyable experience and minimize environmental impact, while offering a perspective on the college’s social and academic opportunities. We encourage students to bring as much of their own gear as possible, however we do supply all group equipment. You will receive a complete packing list in your confirmation packet.

The cost for all trips is $215. (50% refund if you cancel your registration before June 10)

Learn more and see pictures from past WOWs at or check out our Facebook page!

Summer Registration Day (should conclude by 3:30 p.m.)
9:00–9:30 a.m. Check in/ID Photo. Check in with WOW table.
9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Follow schedule outlined in Summer Registration Day
3:30 p.m. Return to Alliot Lobby to meet your WOW leaders
6:00 p.m. Dinner
7:00–9:00 p.m. Small Group Instructions/Packing



1:00 p.m. Return from field
4:00 p.m. Farewells


Spend two days exploring various rivers across New England and New York! Students will learn the basics of the sport and then put their skills into practice while discovering some of the best paddling spots in the area.

Want to see and try a little bit of everything? Then the multi-sport WOW is for you! Travel around New York and
Vermont, experiencing the thrill of rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and hiking.

Get to know the land that makes Vermont the Green Mountain State! Hike along beautiful trails and summit peaks with breathtaking views!

Whether you are a beginner or wishing to develop your rock climbing skills, this trip is designed to introduce the elements of the sport in a few of Vermont and New Hampshire’s climbing hot spots.


Come paddle the clear waters of Lake Champlain and learn the basic skills of the sport. Take in the beauty of the unique coastline as you island hop and log some miles!


Would you like to explore the Northeast mountains on foot, but not have to carry your home on your back? Join us for this tour de force of some of New England’s best day hikes, and return to base camp every night.


SOAR is designed for students who value inclusiveness and cultural diversity and who want to ensure that their first year in college is rewarding and successful. Facilitated by professors, staff and upper-level students, the program is a great way to spend time and experience Vermont with a great group of people.

Students often wonder what living in a residence hall feels like. They also have a number of questions during their first year in college: How will I manage? What is the workload like? Will my grades be as good as they were in high school? Saint Michael’s Center for Intercultural Affairs offers SOAR as an introduction to college life and Vermont. This is a fun-filled program with plenty of recreational activities to orient students to the Vermont outdoors. You can expect to spend the day on a beautiful island, hike, kayak on the lake, spend the night on campus, learn what college life is like, and have fun with new friends! (No experience required; just bring sneakers, swimwear, and clothes for three days, like shorts and t-shirts. We’ll have the rest.)

Who goes to SOAR?
All new students are eligible for SOAR. Those interested in having a wonderful multicultural experience and meeting a
diverse group of students are encouraged to apply. There are at least 16 faculty/staff and students who will also be with you.

What else do you need to know?
We spend the first night exploring Vermont night life, with a dinner and return to campus. Friday is Summer Registration Day. Then we spend the next day, Saturday, on an island and Sunday morning we go back to campus. All meals are provided. SOAR fills up quickly and is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. More information will be forthcoming following your application and fee. Please register by June 10, 2011.

What is the cost?
SOAR is $215.00 per student

SOAR begins Thursday, July 14. The day starts with check-in from
2:00–4:00 p.m. on the Saint Michael’s campus. SOAR is only offered
once this summer and is accepting only 45 students, so apply as soon as possible.
“SOAR was fabulous! My best friends are people I met that weekend”
“SOAR made me start school fired up”

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What is Pre-Orientation Weekend (POW)?

The next sneak peak is a special request from the Class of 2015 Facebook Page! Pre-Orientation Weekend! Here is the info straight from the New Student Manual that you will be receiving shortly. I'll post info on WOW and SOAR in a later post! :) Have questions, comments, concerns? Head here: Gabbi's Formspring!


PLENTY of friendly Saint Michael’s students, staff and faculty to meet!
OPPORTUNITIES to learn about college in general and Saint Michael’s specifically!
WOW...what a beautiful part of Vermont (your new home)!

POW is the oldest of our summer programs. It began in 1986 when a small group of students thought it would be nice to provide an opportunity for new students to come to Vermont during the summer to learn a little about Saint Michael’s and college life in general. In addition, they wanted to see a little of Vermont’s gorgeous outdoors. Though the program has grown in size, those three basic goals remain. We are now able to accommodate 90 students over the course of two weekends and one midweek experience.

What happens on POW?
Students participate in activities to get to know each other, learn what college is like, and talk to those who have been there. POW also includes a nature walk along the beautiful Stowe bike path.

Who goes on POW?
All new Saint Michael’s students are eligible for POW. There is space available for a total of 30 first-year and transfer students on each session. There will also be 18 current students, staff, and faculty who have volunteered their time to accompany the group.

What else do you need to know?

We stay in a ski lodge, and all meals and transportation are provided. POW is a popular program and fills quickly on a first-come first-served basis. You will receive more detailed information following the receipt of your application and fee.

What is the cost?
The POW fee is $215 per student. You must register by June 10, 2011.

More about POW and Summer Registration Day

Your POW experience begins with the Summer Registration Day program. The day starts with check-in from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. on the Saint Michael’s campus. At the end of your Summer Registration Day, we’ll all board a bus to Stowe.

If the POW you would like to attend is full when we receive your application, we will notify you immediately to discuss your options.

“POW was a great way to meet upper- level
students as well as first-year students!”

“POW helped me think about issues I may
face during my first year.”

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NCAA Initial Eligibility - SMC New Student Manual

Hey Guys!

The Alpine Ski Team 2009-2010
Where are the incoming athletes? As promised, I am releasing information from the Class of 2015 New Student Manual as a sneak preview to what you will be receiving in the mail. Here is this week's excerpt:

Are you planning to play a varsity sport for the Purple Knights? Are you unsure, but thinking about trying out for a team? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please read on…

ALL first-year students, and those transfer students who did not play a Division I or II varsity sport prior to attending Saint Michael’s, MUST register with the NCAA Eligibility Center prior to their first opportunity to participate (tryout or practice). This process grants certification for both academic and amateurism status, and can take a considerable length of time if the necessary documentation is not submitted in a timely fashion.

• First things first. Get a free copy of the NCAA’s excellent Guide To The College-Bound Student Athlete. Download it at

• Now, if you have not done so already, log on to and create an account. This website is very user friendly and creative. Be sure to complete all sections of your account.

• Contact your high school/prep school guidance office or registrar, and request that an official copy of your transcript – complete with proof of graduation (the date of your commencement works fine) – be sent directly to the Eligibility Center. If you attended more than one high school, you must make this request of every school you attended.

• Then, log on to your standardized testing site (SAT or ACT), and have your test scores sent to the NCAA. The Eligibility Center’s four-digit code is 9999.

• That’s all you need to do….for now! It’s very important to continue to monitor your status with the NCAA Eligibility Center – you can log into your account on their site to get updated, and keep an eye on your e-mail (the address you used when you registered), as the NCAA will notify you if they need additional documentation or have questions.

NCAA Eligibility is an important process to deal with if you intend to play any varsity sport. It can take time because you need SAT scores as well as transcripts from ALL of your high schools.  It is pretty self-explanatory, but you may want to talk to your coach if you have any questions. I also may be able to answer your questions here.


Monday, May 9, 2011

What to Bring and What to Leave for Freshman Year

Everyone wonders "What should I pack?" Here is a fabulous list from the New Student Manual that can help you get you going.

Desk Lamp
Energy efficient Compact Florescent Light (CFL) bulbs
Tape / scissors / stapler
Pens / pencils / markers

Laundry bag / basket / environmentally friendly detergent
Drying rack / iron / ironing board

White board / dry-erase marker
Addresses / phone numbers / postage stamps

Blankets / comforter / pillows
Egg crate pad / mattress pad / sheets (standard twin)


SMALL refrigerator / low-voltage microwave / hot pot (Energy-Star certified)
Dishes / utensils / can opener / sponge / environmentally friendly dish soap

Posters / collages / tapestries

First aid supplies

Alarm clock / power strip / extension cord / window fan

Hand tools (hammer, screwdriver, thumb tacks) / needle and thread

Candles / Halogen lights / Cinder blocks / Pets / Glass bottles

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Are students more likely to get into 8am classes?

I don't know if there is a real statistic on this, but I would say that in my experience students prefer classes that start at 10 am. However, here are some things to consider as far as class times.

My first semester here, I had 8 am classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday. All my classes on those days were done by noon. On Friday, I was done by 10:30 am. That was particularly nice because if I wanted to take a weekend trip I didn't have to leave school at 4:30 pm. It is also nice to have your Friday available to get homework done so you can relax more on the weekend.

Another thing to consider: If you are NOT a morning person, I promise you will not become a morning person suddenly when you come to college. (My friend's mom, a college professor, gave me this advice before I registered for my classes.) Don't register for an 8 am class if you think there is any chance you will just sleep through. There is no mother here waking you up and telling you to go to class. It is all on you. Be honest with yourself when you are picking classes. My friend, Alyssa, makes the timing of her classes a priority. No classes before 10:30 am unless she absolutely has to.

I only tell you this because if you are thinking 8 am classes might be easier to get into, you might be right. Make sure you will be able to get yourself to class to the morning.


Get tips about college life, classes, and Burlington, VT!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What kind of stuff should we reflect on before our advising session? Did you do a lot of preparation?

Great question! In your new student manual there will be a listing of classes for the Liberal Studies Curriculum as well as classes for each of the majors. You will definitely want to look through all the classes available to you. You will then want to pick your top 4 class choices. Then, you will need back-up courses in the event that the classes you want get filled up.

My course picking process went was follows:
1) Pick Journalism courses (I was declared JO coming in)
2) Pick my first year seminar
3) Pick a course that would fulfill an LSC as well as make me interested in learning.

Then I called the Registrar's Office to ask them what they thought of my class choices. If you are attending a July Registration Day, you don't need to call Registrar because there will be advisers there to talk to you. For people like me (from far away) who can not attend a registration day, the Registrar Office is a great resource. Example: I wanted to take Military Fitness thinking 'Oh, what a great way to keep off the Freshman 15.' The problem was that the class was at 6:30 am and at UVM.... It is nice to know what you are getting into.

Hope this helps! :)

Academic Advising for Incoming Freshman

Here is another sneak peak straight from the Class of 2015 New Student Manual! This one is all about academic advising when registering for classes.

'Academic advising is integral to your undergraduate career. Over the next four years, you will take increasing responsibility for your choice of a major, the selection of required and elective courses, and the rich opportunities provided through programs which complement your study. While your course selection and completion of degree requirements remain your direct responsibility, your advisor will provide guidance in how to reflect upon your strengths, refine your interests, and follow a course of study that leads you toward completion of undergraduate studies and preparation for a meaningful life.

During the Summer Registration Day, you will be assigned a temporary advisor for the initial registration process. As will always be the case, the productivity of the advising session depends heavily upon your preparation for this meeting. Reading the provided materials, reflecting on your interests, and discussing these matters with family and friends are all helpful in making wise decisions. Upon arrival in the fall, you will be assigned a permanent advisor, depending on your preference for a major. You should meet regularly with your advisor, and you will have a mandatory meeting each semester prior to registration.'

Live far away? Don't worry! I didn't go to a registration day. I filled out the class registration form and sent it in. I did call the registrar's office before hand to get a few tips.

More questions for me? Any info you are dying to know about ahead of time?
Ask me here.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Block M Varsity Athletics Dinner 2011

The Fellas Looking So Fi
The Block M Dinner is an event in honor of all the varsity athletes at Saint Mike's.

Coach's give out an award to a person on their team who they deem outstanding.

The coach's award is for an outstanding coach in athletics.

There are special awards that can be given to any exceptional athlete, but is generally for seniors.

There are corny photo slide shows and we honor our seniors.

Some of my ski girls
We, the ski team, didn't have any seniors. Yay! So we all get to be together again next year.

We also honor those who have above a 3.5 GPA.

Each team sits together and the placing always changes. This year, we sat next to Women's Lacrosse.

Its a great time for the team to hang out after the season. As I told Kelsey, we all get along much better after a nice hiatus from the togetherness.

I'm an athletics highlight!
The Block M Dinner is just another great tradition at SMC. Next year is number 65! I hope to see you there!


Kelly and I

Christina Billotti - Coach's Award Winner

Alpine and Nordic Team

Residential Contract Placement Form (Freshman Housing)

Want to know about the questions that are going to be on your housing form? I've for the details! 

When you sleep, do you like silence or background noise?

When you study, do you like silence or background noise?

Are you a smoker?/ Could you live with a smoker? (There is no smoking in residential buildings.)

Do you prefer to spend time with a few close friends or many friends?

Are you interested in sports?

How would you describe the condition of your room at home? Clean, Cluttered, or Messy

Do you prefer a single-sex floor or single-sex wing? (All buildings are co-ed)

What kind of music do you listen to?

Are you interested in GREAT Housing? Honors Housing?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Class of 2015 New Student Manual

I can tell from the Class of 2015 Facebook Page that you are all anxiously awaiting that large information booklet filled with lots of fun forms to fill out. (You'll be surprised that most the forms aren't tedious at all. They make you really excited to get to school.)

Well, I have a surprise for you. I have a sneak peak of the new student manual and I will be sharing some tid-bits with you here. This first post will have some of the important dates that will be in the manual as well as a list of First-Year Seminars that you can take! In future posts, I'll be posting other info from the manual. You will be getting the actual booklet in the second half of May.

Here we go!

June 10th - First Round of Forms Due including the Student/Parent Form, Residential Contract Form, and Summer Registration Day Form

July 7th - First Year Housing Assignments sent to your new email address!

July 8th - Summer Registration Day 1

July 8th - 10th - POW (Pre-Orientation Weekend) #1/Community Service Weekend
July 8th - 11th - WOW (Wilderness Orientation Weekend)

July 12th - Summer Registration Day 2
July 12th-13th - Knight Overnight Program
July 12th - 14th - POW #2

July 14th - 17th - SOAR (Summer Orientation for Academic Excellence and Retention)

July 15th - Summer Registration Day
July 15th-17th - POW #3
July 15th - 18th - WOW #2

April 25th - 28th - Move-in and New Student Orientation

If you have any questions, feel free to Formspring questions!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Definition of 'P-Day'

P-Day (pee - day) noun
P-Day Shirt 2011
      1. A day of bonding amongst of SMC students in the 300's field also know as Preparation Day
      2. The second to last Saturday of every academic year
      3. The equivalent of Christmas Day

The theme for P-Day seemed to be 'Gotta Get Down on P-Day.' My shirt even said that.

For our shirts, we used spray paint and white Hanes t-shirts. Tie-dye is generally a popular choice as well. Many people also order jerseys that are custom printed, but you need to plan in advance for those. My 'crew' literally did these on Friday afternoon.... I think they turned out pretty awesome actually.

My morning started out in my friend's suit in Pontigny where we made a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and french toast. (Thanks to our master chef, Kate!) There we just hung out and waited for the days festivities which started with the Trike Race.

Yup, that is Rob and I fighting
After the Trike Race, the real fun started out on the 300's field where there are inflatables, food, and friends! I started out on the Twister inflatable. It was really hard, but really fun! Then I hopped on over to the 'sword fighting' inflatable, where I battled my friend's boyfriend,  Rob. Around that time, we were craving lunch so we hopped on over to the food tent. I had a pesto and cheese crepe from Skinny Pancake as well as a Philly Cheesesteak from the PK Cafe. Obviously, it was delicious!

At around 4, I left the field to take the nearly-mandatory afternoon nap. At around 6 pm, I showered, changed, and prepared for the comedian. I hadn't decided whether or not I was going until very last minute, but my friend Emma texted me to say that she saved me a seat, so I headed over. I really enjoyed myself. I really recommend going to any and all comedians when the SA brings them in because you will really enjoy yourself.

I realize that this is just a general outline of the day, but you can get a better idea from this video:

And yes, I was totally in there! :)


Monday, May 2, 2011

Mike Check Final Concert 2011

Just wanted to throw this up for your enjoyment. Mike Check had their final concert and performed some new music. I think my favorite is still 'Ignition.' It's so funny.

Sunday Funday

The party doesn't ever stop here. By party, I mean the slew of activities for students to attend and participate in. While Sunday may be generally seen as the 'day of crawling into a corner in the library,' on days like yesterday where it was warm enough to tan on the lawn, the library is an emptier place.

In the morning, I went to Magnolia's with Sarah. Later, we went to the nature trail for a nice walk. The full circle is a little under a mile and its a nice place to run. Sarah and I were more in it for the scenic appeal and sunshine. Working out wasn't on the priority list. After that, I grabbed some homework, my handy dandy iPad, and my beach towel. I met with Kate and Sarah on the lawn between Pontigny and Route 15. I went outside with every intention of doing homework.... that lasted an entire 5 minutes... I turned on my music and took a cat nap. Luckily, I have a base tan so I didn't get burned, but my friends did. :-/ Poor Sarah fell asleep on her stomach and is red all down her back side.

After laying out for a while, I decided it was time to go inside because it was time to get ready for dinner with the 'Bellas before opening for Mike Check at their final concert. We wore summer dresses in honor of the nice weather.

At the Mike Check concert we sang, Viva La Vida by ColdPlay, Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, and a new mash up of I Need a Doctor and All the Things She Said. That last one is one of our new favorites. When I have the video of our final concert, I PROMISE you it will be up here on the blog. Just like my friend, Emma, said, no one promotes the group quite like I do.... (Thanks, Emma?)

I do want to sat that Mike Check had McCarthy Recital close to filled, but I like to think Aca Bellas bought some beauty to the performance. Mike Check, of course, brings the funny.

I promise to get you some fresh new videos soon! For now, click all the hyperlinks in the blog. Most of them are for youtube videos! :)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magnolia's - Burlington, VT - Restaurant Recommendation

Hey All!

I have a new restaurant review for you. Today, I went to Magnolia's for the first time ever. My friend, Sarah, has raved about it forever and today presented a lovely opportunity to finally try it out.

Sarah and I went into Burlington at 10:15 and parked on College St. Magnolia's is located near American Flatbread, if you are familiar with the area. There was a wait for actual tables for about 20 minutes, but Sarah and I were seated at the counter, which was perfect for just two people. We were immediately asked if we wanted coffee and both of us were more than happy to have our cups filled.

I contemplated over several options on the menu including Eggs Benedict with tomato and spinach or the Breakfast Burrito with black beans, cheese, and eggs. I finally settled on the South Carolina omlette, which has cheddar cheese, pulled pork, and I added avocado. I am sort of an avocado fiend, if you will. The omlette came with toast and home fries. Magnolia's makes their own ketchup, which is pretty cool. I will say that I am a Heinz Ketchup fan.

Sarah ordered banana bread french toast. My omlette was UNREAL. Oh, it was so good. The pork was sweet and the cheese was melt. :) I highly recommend it! I also tried Sarah's french toast, which was enough food for four people. It was equally as delicious and definitely for someone with a sweet tooth.

If you are up here it's a great place to grab a breakfast or lunch out in Burlington for a reasonable price. For the two of us, it was a total of $27 including tax and tip. Afterwards, you can walk down to hang out at the lake.

To learn more, check out: Magnolia's Bistro

Look for a P-Day post and Talent Show post coming soon!

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