Monday, April 4, 2011

Struggling in Slalom

The ski season is coming to a close. Today was my last slalom race... and it was bad. I usually am not a negative person, but there it is. The past two days it has just been a struggle to put a clean run together. For you non-ski racers, I just mean a run without any significant mistakes. It is particularly important at Le Relais because it is SUPER flat, so one mistake really throws you and slows you down. I'd me skiing well and then BAM, I run a hairpin a little too direct and it is all I can do to make the next gate. By that time, I am crawling down the hill (and of course, talking to myself).

The season has been particularly rough because I got mono mid-season and since then I've just been off my game a little bit. It's frustrating because I had moments of brilliance like at Eastern Championships where I got 16th in slalom. I just couldn't seem to get it together consistently. I suppose that is ski racing though. Let me tell you, it is a frustrating sport. Needless to say, I can't wait for a well deserved break from the slopes. (It's starting to seem like we may never get a break from the snow. I hear it is snowing, once again, in BTV.)

I have two more days of racing at Stoneham. It's GS so it will literally be a nice change in pace. I hope everyone is enjoying April!


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