Thursday, April 7, 2011

Melinda Davenport, a Promotion, and a New Song


We are in the last month of classes here at SMC and here's the kicker: It's warm outside and might even get up to 70 degrees over the next few days!! :)

1) Melinda Davenport came to speak to my Writing for Media 2 class. Who is Melinda? She is a reporter with WCAX Channel 3 and she is fabulous! Melinda came in to talk to us about life in broadcast, how she got there, and she gave us some job hunting tips.
I am very interested in broadcast journalism and ultimately I want to host a talk show, something like Oprah or the View. It was nice to hear that you can go from a career in public relations in television because I have considered taking a detour into the marketing field before heading full force into TV. We'll see how that goes.
Melinda emphasized getting internships so that you can create a demo reel and of course, job experience. She also told us that as soon as we have a demo reel (or enough portfolio work) that we should build a website all about us. :)

2) I was recently give the Online Media and Communications coordinator position in the Founder's Society for the next two years! The current coordinator is the FABULOUS Christine Amoresano, and I will be so sad to see her graduate. :( However, I am excited to try and fill her very large, celebrity-like shoes. She has done a lot for the bloggers and has been a great role model for me as a blogger, but also as a student-athlete. She is the co-captain of the swim team and it is nice to know that someone has 'done it all' and been able to graduate on time. (Thanks Christine!)
I will be working with the other new coordinators, Meg Flynn, Liv McCall , and Mike Jablonski (WHO NEEDS TO GET A TWITTER). It's a REALLY great crew! I'm so excited that I like all of them.

As the new coordinator, my new job has the following requirements:

     Manage the Saint Michael’s Bloggers, incl. but not limited to:
o     schedule Bloggers for online chats
o     monitor and assess blog content
o     work with the Office of Marketing and Communications to provide continuous training for Bloggers
o     assist in selection of new Bloggers

·     Work with coordinators to advertise monthly Founders Society Meetings, and all other Founders Society Events.

·     Plan and implement a minimum of 1 Founders Society Social Each Semester. (excluding Welcome Back Bash, Christmas Banquet, and End of the Year Banquet)

·     Assist other coordinators by marketing all Founders events – including the TG application process, phone-a-thons, virtual open houses, etc.

·     Continue to assist in tour guide training events and activities

 3) Last but not least, the Aca Bellas are doing a new song! :) We are debuting it this weekend, (Saturday actually) at the concert at 5 pm on Wednesday. EVERYONE SHOULD COME! The song? Demons by Guster. The solo is my lovely friend, Emma, and I am her 'co-pilot' accompanying her throughout the song. I'm really excited. It's a great arrangement. 

I hope to see many of you on Saturday! Feel free to say 'Hey' if you see me around! Maybe you'll be on my tour! Not coming this weekend? Ask questions here: FORMSPRING.


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