Thursday, April 28, 2011

Knight Report, AcaBellas, and A Few Formspring Questions


My one of my latest projects has been a collaborative broadcast news piece for my Writing for Media 2 class. We had a few glitches on our path to putting it together, but all is well that ends well.

We finished that little gem last night. Also last night was the Founder's Society End-of-the-Year Banquet and the Final Aca Bellas concert. (We are still performing at the Talent Show and opening for Mike Check). The End-of-the-Year Banquet is a time to recognize our seniors and hand out awards to outstanding members. Naturally, many blogger got awards.

A BIG LOUD shout out to: Marci Wood and Alex Byrne, the BLOGGERS OF THE YEAR.
A LARGE congratulations to senior Dan Ozimek, who got the Crown and Sword Award, which goes to an outstanding senior who has been with the Founder's Society for 4 years.
My last shout out goes to Christine Amoresano, who was the Online Media and Communications Coordinator for the past two years. I don't know how I will fill her shoes!

As for AcaBellas, I thought the concert went really well. I did admittedly mess up 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' which I never screw up. I don't think (I hope) it wasn't a huge deal. :-P I was really excited to see that some of my ski team friends, Kelly, Kirsten, and Julia, as well as my friends, Teresa and Kate, showed up. It was really nice to have familiar faces in the audience. Conveniently, I can show you some clips from the concert. This is from Jenn, our SMC Vlogger. 'Bellas start at 2:34. Watch all the clips because there is a funny surprise and its clearly marked.

So that is what I'm up to. I'll talk to you all soon. As the deadline approaches, don't be afraid to ask me questions on Formspring in the box in the right column or check out previous answers here.


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