Saturday, April 9, 2011

Accepted Student Day - Take 1


Today was a LONG day. However, it was fabulous! (For those who were on campus, I hope you agree!) My morning (8 am) started with blowing up balloons for the gym in the Student Activities office. Matt thought I was making fun of him on Twitter, I wasn't. That's a side track. So we inflated 30 balloons with 'Class of 2015' on them. We joked that we should put a balloon on every accepted student on campus to keep track of them. Not funny? Oh well.

Then we headed over to Ross Sports Center to finish breakfast, greet families, and answer questions. For those of you coming next weekend, you'll check-in when you get there. That's when you get your schedule.

In front of Ross, there were 'greeters.' Essentially they are students screaming and holding signs. They are really awesome!

Our new t-shirts :)
To the right are next year's Founder's Society coordinators. (Check my previous post for more details.) Today we not only gave tours, but we were also on random jobs and projects duty. :) I was running the 'Hide the Knight' scavenger hunt. (For those coming next week, I am not sure if your clues are new or the same as the ones from this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for emails, tweets, and Facebook posts!)  I also manned the registration desk for a while as well as chatted it up with a ton a parents and students. I was really excited to meet one student and mom. The student is a skier (not race team) and she does skier cross. I need her to come so that she can show me the ropes. I REALLY want to try skier cross!... That was a side track.

Moving on.

After the day was 'over,' I headed to McCarthy for the Aca Bellas and Mike Check concert. We premiered our new song 'Demons' by Guster! I think it went over well. :) Of course, Mike Check stole the show! They are just so funny. I'm not kidding when I say YOU WON'T STOP LAUGHING! Speaking of funny, when I was in a practice room I found this...

Who the heck has time to do this on what appears to be an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper? I did think it was rather funny, but seriously?!

Okay. Glad I got that off my chest.

My last
Exiting the stage
event of the night? Romeo and Juliet. This semester's big production was Romeo and Juliet with a twist. The guest director felt that the female talent was so strong that they decided to cast two women as the R and J. Romeo was played by my friend, Kit Rivers, who is in my Acting for the Camera class. She is truly a phenomenal actress. (She's also funny. She is doing stand-up comedy in the talent show.) Also, our vlogger, Jenn Robbins, played Lady Capulet. Jenn totally rocked the part and her fantastic costumes.

Now, I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed. Homework and hopefully, sunshine, await me in the morning!

Feel free to ask me questions above in the 'Ask Questions About SMC' tab!


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