Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Weekend in Lake Placid

Hey Everyone!

Saint Mike's is on spring break. I'm on campus. However, this Saturday and Sunday I went to Whiteface for two days to race. I stayed with my friend, Kelsey, and her family. They let me stay in their guest room. It was really nice to be at a house instead of a hotel. It was actually sort of weird because their house looks SO similar to the house my family was in 2 houses ago. I mean even the furniture was similar. I guess it's the 'mountain home' thing.

Anyways, the races were Eastern Region Junior Finals and the title sounds like a lot bigger deal than what they were. I did have a good time though. The first  day was GS. I tripped over my pole first run....not fast... but I like to think I redeemed myself by winning the second run.  :) Today was slalom. Generally, that's my better event, but it wasn't this weekend. Conditions were really rough. There were some serious holes in the course.  I was lucky to run 8th the first run. Second run, I ran 26th because of the way ski racing works. I ended up 4th overall. I had to fight all the way down.

I did want to share one last thing with you. I was in the timing building at the bottom of the hill and there was a bunny. It was some girls pet. It was on a leash. Its name? Maple. While very adorable, I found it VERY strange that there was a bunny on the mountain. My friend Jenna from the Acabellas tweeted that it was a 'snow bunny.' I thought that was a pretty witty response to the photo. :-P

I'm now going to take a much deserved shower, followed by movie watching and maybe some ice cream. :)
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