Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things To Do in the 802 (Burlington Area)


Hows everyone doing?

Does anyone have a smartphone, specifically an iPhone? Well, I have an app suggestion for you. (Don't worry if you don't have an iPhone, it'll be available for other phones soon) It's called '802theapp' and it's an app specifically directed towards people in Burlington and the surrounding area and will soon be expanded to all of Vermont. Why am I suggesting it? It can help you find out about all the great restaurants and events in Burlington. Oh, and it's free, which is why I downloaded it. I don't pay for apps.

Anyways, this app inspired me to write a blog about what I would suggest doing if you had a free day in BTV. Here we go:

The Spot
Wake up and head to breakfast! If you just want coffee and a pastry, head down to Church Street to Uncommon Grounds. They are a great small coffee shop. The make great mochas and Cinnamon rolls. :) If you want a 'dining out' experience, head to The Spot. It's an old gas station that has been fixed up and turned into a surf-inspired restaurant complete with fish tank. It is one of my favorites! You can also go there for lunch.

After you are full and energized, head to Church Street. You need to make sure to start on one end, walk down on one side and then walk back on the other side or you will miss some of the shops that reside on the second floor or below the ground. Church Street has main stream shops like Old Navy, but check out some of the local, smaller shops.

Once you've had your fill of the shopping, it's time for lunch. There are a few places that I will suggest which you can go to for lunch or dinner. Vermont Pub and Brewery is always a great pick with reasonable prices and food for everyone. I went there with my parents, my grandparents, and my friends from school. All age groups will enjoy themselves. For the parents, my grandpa said VP&B had one of the best beers he has ever had. If you want to be down by the lake, I always like the Skinny Pancake. It's not JUST sweet crepes, but savory crepes.

If you are inclined to go to the Skinny Pancake, you will be in close proximity to the beautiful Lake Champlain. I recommend taking a walk along the beautiful lake. There is a lovely pathway and if you feel like relaxing take a break on the benches. This is also a great place for a photo op!

This picture to the right is from my senior year when I was in town between races in the East. I was wearing flip flops. I got so many funny looks :-P But the lake does make for a great background, right?

Hate the sound of this entire day? Don't worry, I have some other ideas :) If you are an outdoor enthusiast, head to exit 11 off of I-89 and hike Camel's Hump. I recommend a hike that will allow you to eat lunch at the top and enjoy the beautiful views. Before hand, grab breakfast (or lunch) at On the Rise!  If you are more of a night owl, head to Church Street for dinner and then drive to South Burlington for a concert or bowling. There is something to do for everyone!

If you have questions, head to 'Ask Questions About SMC' or check out my Formspring, where you can ask questions and look at my previous answers. There are over 200 of them!


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