Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recent Formspring Questions - Answered!

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Is there is a good beauty parlor near SMC?

There are several. For my hair, I go to Scherdiva salon in Williston. However, there are many salons and spas right in Burlington for getting a hair cut, manicure, massage, or any of your other beauty needs. There are lots of places to help you stay fabulous! On Church St, Jivana Holistic Spa or the Essex Inn are great for massages :)

Do international suites only house international students or at least one international student?

International housing is more formally called ambassador housing. As full-time undergrads, we are ambassadors for the international students. Suites are arranged as follows: 2 undergrads and 2 international students OR 2 undergrads and 6 international students OR 4 undergrads and 4 international students.

How did you figure it out that you're passionate about journalism?

Long story short... I watched Anchorman and wanted to be like Veronica Corningstone.... just kidding (sort of). I guess my love of journalism came from a love of knowing exactly what's going on. I am always asking questions. I also love writing, but I don't have the imagination for creative writing. I knew from junior year of high school that that was what I was passionate about.

What dorms have the best views? 

Well the freshman buildings all have a similar view. You will either be looking into the Quad or towards alliot or the 300's field. As for the other dorms, the suites have good views from some of the dorms and I hear good things about founder's hall. There are no really ugly views. :)

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