Sunday, March 20, 2011

Live Video Chats and Papers and Interviews, Oh My!

It is now on to life after spring break. If thought professors would ease back in to school, you're wrong. I'm on to a a very full schedule this week. Let me give you the low down.

Monday - Class from 8 am until 10:20, then I give my weekly tour at 10:30. At 12:15, I am off to Smugglers Notch for GS training.

Tuesday - Actually a pretty mellow day. I just have class from 1 - 4:10. We'll be doing anchoring in my acting class which should be really fun. I also just found out I got an 'A' on my Gilmore Girls scene. Yay me!

Wednesday - Class from 8 am until 11:45. I have a 4-5 page paper due. It's still in the works right now. I am having trouble getting a good flow going. Its writers block, I guess. Actually, this is another pretty relaxed day. I have the afternoon off from skiing. There are races happening at Sugarbush. I have opted to go race in Canada next week instead.

Thursday - Okay, from 9:45 to 11, I will be doing a live video chat with the Admissions office via College Week Live. You can sign in and I will be there to answer questions along with Matt and an admissions counselor! I did one in the fall and they asked me to do it again. :) Then, I have my coordinator interview. In the Founder's Society, there are four coordinators that head the group along with the 4 faculty members. Coordinators are students that apply and go through an application and interview process. There is a Tour Guide Coordinator, Alumni Coordinator, Phone-A-Thon and Academic Day Coordinator, and Online Communications and Marketing Coordinator. I am applying for the Online Communications and Marketing Coordinator, which deals with the SMC Bloggers. Our current coordinator is Christine, but she will be graduating this year. :( I am hoping to fill her very big shoes. Then, of course, I have Aca Bellas rehearsal in the evening.

(Founder's Society - The Founders Society is Saint Michael’s student ambassador organization. Ambassadors work with the Admission and Alumni Relations staff to foster strong relationships with prospective students and alumni through a variety of campus and off-campus activities.)

Friday -Oh Friday, it'll be good day. :) I have a 9:30 am class and then afternoon training. Of course, there is always  a chance something new and exciting will pop up! You never know.

So that's what I am working with for now! Please note that you'll be able to ask questions at the live video chat, but you can also ask me on Formspring and I will answer during the video. If you specify that the question is for the video chat, I won't answer it until Thursday!


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