Wednesday, March 30, 2011

SMC Student Association Elections

Hey, hey, hey!

This week on campus, the big event is Student Association elections. The Student Association is our student government. Their official description from the website is: 

'The Student Association (S.A.) is the governing voice of the student body. The S.A. provides the financial and organizational backing of most clubs and activities that happen on campus. This is an organization run for the students and by the students.'

The Student Association plans the spring concert (This year, it's Grace Potter and the Nocturnals) and funds clubs like the Investment Club, French Club, or Aca Bellas.

Meet Brittany and Mike
Students can run for president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and senator for their class year. You can also run for representatives of particular residence halls. Then, of course, you can run for the president or vice president of the entire student association. 

Don't worry if you are in the class of 2015! You guys run for your class offices when you get here. :)

I am not personally involved with the student association, but I am currently writing the article for the Defender about the elections. It's the rough draft, but you are getting a sneak peek.

LOOK RIGHT -----> That's Mike and Brittany. They are running for VP and President. Both of them are unopposed, so it looks like we are going to see them at the top of the SA totem pole next year :)

Okay, I'm off! 
The Saint Michael’s College Student Association elections are underway, but voters are going to the find that the ballot is shockingly empty.
            The class of 2014 has no candidates for Treasurer. The class of 2012 lacks candidates for Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Senators. Perhaps that most shocking are the lack of candidates for class of 2013 President and Vice President. For the candidates who have their names on the ballot, many are running unopposed.
 When asked about the apparent absence of political campaigning, David Schulz, secretary of student policy, said, “We do encourage people to put up posters. Facebook groups are also a big thing that is sort of a virtual poster.” I think students vote based on name recognition, Schulz said. 
The one major campaigning effort, an open forum, took place on Tuesday evening, allowing candidates to speak to the constituents as well as answer their questions. Questions ranged from “How do you plan to communicate with your constituents?” to “Do you think your love of ‘shredding the gnar’ will effect your ability to perform your duties?”
The candidates for the highest positions, president and vice president, are running unopposed. Junior Mike Jablonski is running for Student Association Vice President.
“I realized, out of left field, that I was interested and I wanted a new way to get involved senior year,” he said.
This is his first time running for a student association position, he said. Jablonski hopes to open the lines of communication and hear the opinions of the average student.
“I’m not talking about those who attend SA meetings,” he said in his speech. “We all know how long those go.”
Jablonski said he wants to get in touch with all the people who don’t hold leadership roles on campus.  When Jablonski was acquiring the signatures to get on the ballot, he joked with his peers that he would fight for snow days every time there is a dusting, he said.
Jablonski’s close friend, Brittany Richardson, is running for the presidency. Richardson has years of experience in school politics and even admitted that she has experience losing elections during her speech at the forum.
Richardson has little to worry about in this election, as her name stands alone on the ballot. There is a miniscule chance that a write-in candidate will take the presidency, said Schulz.
Richardson said that she is qualified for the position because of all the on-campus activities she is involved. “I know a lot of the school and I’m connected to it,” she said.
As for being unopposed, Richardson said it is because of a misconception about the SA. “They think that as SA president you are just a figurehead and that you don’t actually do anything,” said Richardson.
Her goal as SA president is to increase SA involvement. “The first step is to get the word out there,” she said, “Tell me people what it does and what they can do for the students. Richardson said that increasing involvement is a goal that has been popular amongst presidential candidates for years.
“I think a lot of the time people expect the e-board to just figure it out and I think it is a good time to start thinking about how can everyone change things,” she said.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tuition Runs Out Day and #tigerbloodintern Round 3

Oh, thank goodness it is Friday. :) I think that on every Friday, but who doesn't LOVE the weekend.
This Friday marks a particularly interesting day at SMC. It is Tuition Runs Out Day. It is the day that the tuition runs out at school and the rest of the year relies solely on donations made my people like our fabulous alumni. Today in Alliot, there was filming happening. It will be a video compilation of 'thank you' messages from students! The video below isn't that compilation. It is the video that was made as part of Tuition Runs Out Day. Just watch, it'll make you giggle. Even the school's president is in it!

In other news, I made it to round 3 of the Charlie Sheen #TigerBloodIntern competition. I put my name into round one, mostly out of curiosity as to what it was all about. Well, I made it through round 1, and then round 2, and then suddenly round 3. I won't know if I make the final round for a week or two, but like I said, this all started from curiosity. On the other hand, I wouldn't complain about a paid, summer internship with a celebrity. You are probably thinking, "Oh come on, Gabbi. This has to be a joke. No way this internship is legit." I keep thinking the same thing. Then I also consider the fact that it was promoted my It gives me more faith. Either way, its fun!

Round 3 was to create a youtube video answering one of three questions. The questions were (I'm paraphrasing here) 1) How would you use social media to promote giving after a natural disaster? 2) What company best uses social media and why? or 3) How would you advice a political campaign to leverage social media? I picked question 3. It seems to me that many chose one or two. Of course, I haven't watched all 250 videos from round 3, so I couldn't tell you the most common. I can tell you that is interesting to see the different kinds of people who made round 3. I have seen college students, recent grads, and people who already have careers. It seems to be a pretty random mix. I can't wait to see how it pans out!

Well, thats all for now. I'm going to enjoy Saturday, then it is off to Waterville Valley for some SL races. :) Wish me luck!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recent Formspring Questions - Answered!

Ask new questions here!

Is there is a good beauty parlor near SMC?

There are several. For my hair, I go to Scherdiva salon in Williston. However, there are many salons and spas right in Burlington for getting a hair cut, manicure, massage, or any of your other beauty needs. There are lots of places to help you stay fabulous! On Church St, Jivana Holistic Spa or the Essex Inn are great for massages :)

Do international suites only house international students or at least one international student?

International housing is more formally called ambassador housing. As full-time undergrads, we are ambassadors for the international students. Suites are arranged as follows: 2 undergrads and 2 international students OR 2 undergrads and 6 international students OR 4 undergrads and 4 international students.

How did you figure it out that you're passionate about journalism?

Long story short... I watched Anchorman and wanted to be like Veronica Corningstone.... just kidding (sort of). I guess my love of journalism came from a love of knowing exactly what's going on. I am always asking questions. I also love writing, but I don't have the imagination for creative writing. I knew from junior year of high school that that was what I was passionate about.

What dorms have the best views? 

Well the freshman buildings all have a similar view. You will either be looking into the Quad or towards alliot or the 300's field. As for the other dorms, the suites have good views from some of the dorms and I hear good things about founder's hall. There are no really ugly views. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Live Video Chats and Papers and Interviews, Oh My!

It is now on to life after spring break. If thought professors would ease back in to school, you're wrong. I'm on to a a very full schedule this week. Let me give you the low down.

Monday - Class from 8 am until 10:20, then I give my weekly tour at 10:30. At 12:15, I am off to Smugglers Notch for GS training.

Tuesday - Actually a pretty mellow day. I just have class from 1 - 4:10. We'll be doing anchoring in my acting class which should be really fun. I also just found out I got an 'A' on my Gilmore Girls scene. Yay me!

Wednesday - Class from 8 am until 11:45. I have a 4-5 page paper due. It's still in the works right now. I am having trouble getting a good flow going. Its writers block, I guess. Actually, this is another pretty relaxed day. I have the afternoon off from skiing. There are races happening at Sugarbush. I have opted to go race in Canada next week instead.

Thursday - Okay, from 9:45 to 11, I will be doing a live video chat with the Admissions office via College Week Live. You can sign in and I will be there to answer questions along with Matt and an admissions counselor! I did one in the fall and they asked me to do it again. :) Then, I have my coordinator interview. In the Founder's Society, there are four coordinators that head the group along with the 4 faculty members. Coordinators are students that apply and go through an application and interview process. There is a Tour Guide Coordinator, Alumni Coordinator, Phone-A-Thon and Academic Day Coordinator, and Online Communications and Marketing Coordinator. I am applying for the Online Communications and Marketing Coordinator, which deals with the SMC Bloggers. Our current coordinator is Christine, but she will be graduating this year. :( I am hoping to fill her very big shoes. Then, of course, I have Aca Bellas rehearsal in the evening.

(Founder's Society - The Founders Society is Saint Michael’s student ambassador organization. Ambassadors work with the Admission and Alumni Relations staff to foster strong relationships with prospective students and alumni through a variety of campus and off-campus activities.)

Friday -Oh Friday, it'll be good day. :) I have a 9:30 am class and then afternoon training. Of course, there is always  a chance something new and exciting will pop up! You never know.

So that's what I am working with for now! Please note that you'll be able to ask questions at the live video chat, but you can also ask me on Formspring and I will answer during the video. If you specify that the question is for the video chat, I won't answer it until Thursday!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tour of My Suite (Vlog)

Hey All!

Here's a vlog with video footage of my suite. A suite is a housing option for upperclassmen (sophomore and above). A suite can hold 4 or 8 people. They have a common room with couches, table, refrigerator, and microwave. There are full kitchens on every floor. As far as I am aware, 4-person suites are only used as international suites and handicap suites. It is more common to be placed in an 8-person suite.
Feel free to ask questions!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Weekend in Lake Placid

Hey Everyone!

Saint Mike's is on spring break. I'm on campus. However, this Saturday and Sunday I went to Whiteface for two days to race. I stayed with my friend, Kelsey, and her family. They let me stay in their guest room. It was really nice to be at a house instead of a hotel. It was actually sort of weird because their house looks SO similar to the house my family was in 2 houses ago. I mean even the furniture was similar. I guess it's the 'mountain home' thing.

Anyways, the races were Eastern Region Junior Finals and the title sounds like a lot bigger deal than what they were. I did have a good time though. The first  day was GS. I tripped over my pole first run....not fast... but I like to think I redeemed myself by winning the second run.  :) Today was slalom. Generally, that's my better event, but it wasn't this weekend. Conditions were really rough. There were some serious holes in the course.  I was lucky to run 8th the first run. Second run, I ran 26th because of the way ski racing works. I ended up 4th overall. I had to fight all the way down.

I did want to share one last thing with you. I was in the timing building at the bottom of the hill and there was a bunny. It was some girls pet. It was on a leash. Its name? Maple. While very adorable, I found it VERY strange that there was a bunny on the mountain. My friend Jenna from the Acabellas tweeted that it was a 'snow bunny.' I thought that was a pretty witty response to the photo. :-P

I'm now going to take a much deserved shower, followed by movie watching and maybe some ice cream. :)
Remember that if you have ANY questions about St. Mike's, you can ask me via the tab up top called "Ask Questions About SMC" or head straight to my Formspring to see previously answered questions. You can ask anonymously so don't feel shy!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Night For New Orleans - Habitat For Humanity Fundraiser

Naturally, I have ANOTHER Saint Mike's event to feature. This one is Night For New Orleans, a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. A group of students participate in a MOVE trip to build a house down there and came back and wanted to keep helping. They put on this concert featuring the Aca Bellas, Matt Wolfe, and Mike Check. I put this video together just to show you some of the acts. Watch the whole thing because they are all very talented!!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Want to Laugh (at me)? Check out some of the videos from Acting for the Camera.

Warning: What you are about to watch is ridiculous. I totally embarrass myself, but it's for the art, right?... No?... Well, now its on the internet and there is no going back.

The assignment was: Create a 90 second competition video with rising tension. A group of us from the class got together and helped each other with the acting, filming, and editing. :-)


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things To Do in the 802 (Burlington Area)


Hows everyone doing?

Does anyone have a smartphone, specifically an iPhone? Well, I have an app suggestion for you. (Don't worry if you don't have an iPhone, it'll be available for other phones soon) It's called '802theapp' and it's an app specifically directed towards people in Burlington and the surrounding area and will soon be expanded to all of Vermont. Why am I suggesting it? It can help you find out about all the great restaurants and events in Burlington. Oh, and it's free, which is why I downloaded it. I don't pay for apps.

Anyways, this app inspired me to write a blog about what I would suggest doing if you had a free day in BTV. Here we go:

The Spot
Wake up and head to breakfast! If you just want coffee and a pastry, head down to Church Street to Uncommon Grounds. They are a great small coffee shop. The make great mochas and Cinnamon rolls. :) If you want a 'dining out' experience, head to The Spot. It's an old gas station that has been fixed up and turned into a surf-inspired restaurant complete with fish tank. It is one of my favorites! You can also go there for lunch.

After you are full and energized, head to Church Street. You need to make sure to start on one end, walk down on one side and then walk back on the other side or you will miss some of the shops that reside on the second floor or below the ground. Church Street has main stream shops like Old Navy, but check out some of the local, smaller shops.

Once you've had your fill of the shopping, it's time for lunch. There are a few places that I will suggest which you can go to for lunch or dinner. Vermont Pub and Brewery is always a great pick with reasonable prices and food for everyone. I went there with my parents, my grandparents, and my friends from school. All age groups will enjoy themselves. For the parents, my grandpa said VP&B had one of the best beers he has ever had. If you want to be down by the lake, I always like the Skinny Pancake. It's not JUST sweet crepes, but savory crepes.

If you are inclined to go to the Skinny Pancake, you will be in close proximity to the beautiful Lake Champlain. I recommend taking a walk along the beautiful lake. There is a lovely pathway and if you feel like relaxing take a break on the benches. This is also a great place for a photo op!

This picture to the right is from my senior year when I was in town between races in the East. I was wearing flip flops. I got so many funny looks :-P But the lake does make for a great background, right?

Hate the sound of this entire day? Don't worry, I have some other ideas :) If you are an outdoor enthusiast, head to exit 11 off of I-89 and hike Camel's Hump. I recommend a hike that will allow you to eat lunch at the top and enjoy the beautiful views. Before hand, grab breakfast (or lunch) at On the Rise!  If you are more of a night owl, head to Church Street for dinner and then drive to South Burlington for a concert or bowling. There is something to do for everyone!

If you have questions, head to 'Ask Questions About SMC' or check out my Formspring, where you can ask questions and look at my previous answers. There are over 200 of them!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eastern Alpine Champs - Stowe, VT (Vlog)

Today was Day One of Eastern Champs. It was GS. It has been my weakest event recently, but I'm getting back on track. :) Here is a quick vlog I did from the chairlift. I'll do another tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Emphasizing the STUDENT in Student-Athlete

In this week's Defender, the sports section featured an article on the academic achievements of Saint Michael's student-athletes. It turns out we are a rather impressive bunch :) I also heard that for the first time in Saint Mike's history, athletes had a higher GPA than the campus-wide average last semester. I'm pretty impressed with us especially considering that I often embrace the sport bro stereotype. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover.
Enjoy the article!


Peter Hanson - Sports Editor - The Defender

There will always be those who stereotypical define athletes as dim-witted people who focus only on sports and not on schoolwork.

College athletes are not just athletes, they are also students; hence the label student-athlete. St. Michael’s athletes showed that they take pride in being student-athletes throughout the fall semester as 60.5 percent of them were honored in the Northeast-10 Fall 2010 Commissioner’s Honor Roll.

In order to accomplish this honor, a student-athlete must reach a 3.0 GPA. And 188 of the 311 Purple Knights who compete in the Northeast-10 had at least a 3.0.

This statistic shows that athletes on campus are about more than wins and losses. In a non-scholarship school, St. Michael’s attracts varsity sport participants because of its academic reputation.

Athletes at St. Michael’s have to overcome many obstacles in balancing team time, homework time and social time.

Students don’t recognize how difficult it is for student-athletes to pick classes that work with their practice schedules or that teams have study halls throughout the week in order to stay on top of their work.

They may not know that if athletes don’t achieve a certain GPA depending on their class, then they are ineligible for a year or that if you’re 21 years old, you can’t even have one beer within 48 hours of a game, race or match.

Balancing time between sports, school and social life is challenging, but not impossible. Of the 188 students on the honor roll, 10 recorded a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Garret Clark plays defense for the men’s lacrosse team and is one of the 10 students to receive a 4.0. He manages to be a student, boyfriend, orientation-leader and an athlete, all while maintaining a social life. Ask him how he does it, and his answer is simple.

“I just do my work in between classes and when I have an exam, I make sure I know the material,” he said.

Students at St. Michael’s realize the importance of schoolwork, and hopefully the spring semester report will be even more positive than the fall.

With March Madness coming up, I’m sure you will all see the commercial that says, “There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes, and almost all of them will go pro in something other than sports.”

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