Monday, February 21, 2011

Robert Randolph and the Family Band - Higher Ground

Robert Randolph
 I know I updated the blog yesterday, but some last minute plans made for a good post! I'll start with telling you about Higher Ground. Higher Ground is a small concert venue in South Burlington that gets some really awesome acts. It's about 15 minutes from school and you can even take the bus there, though you may want to consider a taxi or using a car. There is a bar if you are over 21 with ID. For the rest of us, it's 'X's on the back of our hands. (Does anyone else immeadiately think of the 3OH!3 song?) I saw the Plain White T's last year and Howie Day. Tickets are at most $30 and you can get really close to the stage. I was front row for the PWT's and Howie Day. :)

Last night, I had no exciting plans. It was going to be reading a book or watching a movie. However, my friend Chris facebook-ed me saying he had an extra ticket to a concert and asked if I wanted to go. Well, needless to say, I was happy to have something to do and I'd never turn down a fun concert. :) That headliner was Robert Randolph. If you don't who that is, they perform the song "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That".

Admittedly, I was not a huge follower going into the concert. Luckily, Chris wasn't really either. He only knew a few songs. I am now a huge fan. They are a group that can REALLY perform live. They had great stage presence, great voices, and did I mention the lights? Let me tell you, the lights for this show were really great!

At one point, they brought people on stage to play guitar with the band. Some were good, but some got booted off the stage :-P It was really fun to watch though.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you! The opener was really great as well! They are called Chamberlin and they are VT band with a ton of talent. There debut album comes out the first. I recommend checking it out :-)
Concerts are just one of the many things to do in Burlington! Just wanted to share this with you!



  1. Chamberlin was the opener for Grace Potter during her new years shows! SO GOOD.

  2. They were so great! Ah! It was awesome! Have you decided on Ke$ha vs Grace Potter yet?


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