Saturday, February 26, 2011

NCAA Eastern Regional Champs 2011 - Day 1

Well, this will be a short post since I am exhausted, but also because I am on my iPad and it's much slower to type than it is on my computer.
Despite all this, I did want to make a post because I'm in a very happy place. It's strange but everything feels like it is going just as it should be and that I am in the right place. It's a great feeling.
Today was day one of EISA Champs at Sunday River, ME. It was slalom which is (historically) my best event. I have been training great slalom at Smugg's, but sometimes the way I train is not what happens on race day. Today it did. I just relaxed. I wasn't thinking about qualifying for Nationals or making flip. I was VERY zen and centered as one might say. My first run I was 21st, which was already better than the 30th place position which I had taken over in my first few carnivals.
Usually when I do well first run, I over think 2nd run. Today I didn't I just skied. I just stayed calm and relaxed and skied. I felt solid and clean. Yes, sometimes out of control is fast, but I think smooth was the key for me today. I was too nervous to look at the scoreboard after second run, so I didn't. I had no idea what place I ended up until I got my phone back after the race and my mom and sister had texted me and my dad had called. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked. I got 16th! (For those unfamiliar with racing that is 16 of about 60, not to mention there are a lot of fabulous skiers in the field.) That's my best collegiate result to date :) I even got a nice shout out on the smcathletics site.
It's nice to really back in skiing. I'm not just racing, but I'm also able to really compete!
Now, as part of champs, we have a banquet. This year it was at the Bethel Inn. I think its fun to go and see everyone all dressed up. I even wore heels :) The guys always look so nice! The point of the banquet is to get everyone together and give out all-academic awards and the coach of the year award. I made the All-Academic Team as well as my co-captain, Nate, and several Nordic skiers including Sam Martell (Shout Out!) That means we had above 3.5 GPAs! Yay for smart athletes! <--- I'll be addressing that topic in an upcoming post.
Alright, it's time for me to go to bed, but I promise to keep you all posted about tomorrow!


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