Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm really dreading the math and science LSRs. Any advice? (Formspring)

My first tip is: Take Finite Math with Jane Kay. (Seriously, write this down!) It's the easiest level math you can take as far as I am aware and Jane Kay is the sweetest professor EVER! That is my big tip for Math. I am not a math person and I got an A in the class! :)

My second tip for the sciences: Pick something that sounds interesting. There are a lot of topics outside Biology and Chemistry like Astronomy and Meteorology. I still have to take that particular LSR :( I'm dreading it too! I barely passed high school chemistry. :-P

Also know that no matter what classes you choose to take for these LSRs, the professors hear at Saint Mike's are fabulous! We say it all the time, but it's true. They are really there to help you. They don't want to flunk their students! Hope this helps!




  1. Thanks! How much homework / hours of class did finite math require?

  2. Finite math (like all classes starting next semester) will be 4 credits. The work load wasn't anything particularly difficult. At most it took me an hour while watching TV to do it.


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