Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How SMC Students Pick Housing


It's that time of year again. We are starting the housing process here at Saint Mike's. They called me a rising Junior. How is that even possible? It just makes me feel old. Like my friend pointed out wisely, "After that comes seniors." This is an even scarier thought.

I want to tell you a little about the housing process that you will go through in your second semester here. Before I tell you that, I suppose I should reiterate how you will be housed next year.

After you send in your deposit, you will receive your new student manual. This will contain all the information you'll need about housing, pre-orientation, class registration, and lots of other fun things. It will also contain lots of forms for you to fill out. It's super fun. :-P

One of your forms will be asking all about how you live. The form asks if you go to be early or late and if you are messy or clean. It'll ask about your major and your outside interests. Student Life does a really great job of matching up roommates. To me it seems they don't match by major, but by how you live. If you say you are clean and you are dirty, you will probably get a clean roommate. That can be a tension builder. It's important to be honest about your lifestyle! That's my big tip.

Now I'll move onto upper classmen housing. Here's an important note: Priority is by class year. That means seniors get first pick, then juniors, and then sophomores, ect. If you had a ton of AP credits in high school, you may actually qualify for the grade above you. Ex: My friend, Maria, is Class of 2013, but she is considered Class of 2012 (senior) and therefore gets to pick housing with seniors.

Step 1 - Go to the housing meeting. I had mine last night in the Great Room of my building. They gave us two sheets of paper with all the important dates for the housing process.

Step 2 - Seniors get to pick their townhouses and apartments before anyone else. During that time, the Ambassador housing raffle also takes place. For Ambassador housing, you put your name and one other on the card. Then you pull a raffle number and if you pull a nice low one, you get ambassador housing. You might be placed in a 4-person suite with 2 international students and you and your roommate. You may also be put in an 8-person suite with you, your roommate, and 6 international students. You could also be in the 8-person with you, your roommate, another set of 2 St. Mike's students, and 4 international students.

Students find out if they have Ambassador Housing very soon after they apply. That way, if they don't get it, they can be prepared to pursue their back up plan.

Step 3 - If you are interested in GREAT housing and Honors housing, you can put together a card with 8 people on it and apply for an 8 person suite. Students can also apply for 4-person apartments and townhouses that are not filled by seniors.

Step 4 - After all those options comes the general housing raffle. Everyone is emailed a raffle number by class year. Juniors are 0-500, Sophomores are 501 - 1000 and so on. You can pick housing by raffle number. Each class has a specific day to line up in Alliot and pick housing.

Here's a quick tip: If you want a better chance at a great housing number, attend GOT Skills events. That puts you in a raffle for the top 3 numbers in your class.


GOT S.K.I.L.L.S. and acronym for Socially just, Kindness toward others,Inclusive toward all people, Leading at every turn, Listening with care and, Self-respectful, is a yearly educational effort designed to encourage students to attend programs and activities that promote human dignity. Under the umbrella of GOT S.K.I.L.L.S. programs related to but not limited to race, sexual orientation, class differences, cultural differences, how men and women relate to one another are made available to students. Students are incented to attend by “earning” opportunities to be entered into raffle for prizes that could range from a $5 gift certificate to a top pick in the room lottery process. Saint Michael’s administrators, faculty and students are committed to celebrating differences in order to make the community a better place in which to live.

Step 5 - After picking housing, you are all set. If you are unhappy with the housing situation you got, you can be put on the Wishlist. The situation may be something like this: You got placed in a single room on North Campus, but you want to be on Main Campus. You'd be put on the Wish List for a single on Main Campus. You would be notified over the summer if you get what you wished for.

This is a pretty short and concise version of the housing options and process. If you have ANY questions at all, send me an email or ask me on VYOU or Formspring


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