Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ambassador Housing - All the Details

I currently live in Ambassador Housing. What is Ambassador housing? It is part of the ALD program here at Saint Mike's. It means living in a suite in either Cantebury, Pontigny, and Cashman with international students that are studying abroad in the states.

As an ambassador, it is the students job to help ALD students adjust to life here. It can be as simple as helping them navigate campus, the cafeteria, or showing them how to use the laundry machines here. Some students make life-long friends. I have heard of students who still keep in touch with the international students they lived with.

Students sign up in pairs. For example, my friend Maria and I will be signing up. We can pick up the sign-up card on Friday. Then we have to turn it in next Thursday and draw a raffle number. The lower the number, the better chance at getting a suite. The nice thing is that we know the results by the next day. That way can prepare a back up plan in case we don't get an Ambassador suite.

If you get a suite, it can be arranged 3 ways. You might be placed in a 4-person suite with 2 students and 2 ALD students. You might also be placed in an 8-person suite. That can be situated with 2 students and 6 ALD students or 4 students and 4 ALD students.

Please note: This is an option for sophomore, junior, and senior year. It is NOT an options as a first-year as you do not go through the housing raffle process. However, it is nice to know that it is an option.

So that's the deal. It's a quick summary, but I've had questions about it in the past, so I thought I'd tell you what I know!


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