Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saint Lawrence Carnival at Whiteface, NY (Collegiate Race #1)

My sister, Maddi, and me at Whiteface
Hey hey hey!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their 2011! After two weeks, I have a feeling this might be my best year ever!

This weekend was the first collegiate race of the season. If you are unfamiliar with ski racing, here is my short explanation. The Saint Mike's Ski Team races on the NCAA Division 1 circuit. While it is an individual sport as far as qualifying for NCAA Nationals, there are also team points and rankings. We have six collegiate races during our season hosted by six different schools, which vary from year to year. If you have more questions, you can ask me on VYou.

The first day of the Carnivals is always GS and it's always on Friday. Why the EISA had to make is so hard to schedule classes I have NO idea? Don't get me wrong, I like 4-day weeks, but it's hard to convince professors you won't just be flunking out of their class... Anyways, I only have one Friday class this semester (small miracle) and I had the professor last year for my Intro to Philosophy class. I got an A then, so he said we could make in work for Philosophy of Religion.

I raced pretty well on Friday. Every race I get a little better. There is truly an art to getting yourself into race mode and I still haven't mastered how to do it from the first race of the season, but I'll get there. I ended up 25th. I only moved up seven spots, but I was all that far out. I was actually 22nd in the collegiate results. (Because our races are part of FIS, there is a quota for non-collegiate racers.)

The photo of me (above) was taken by my mom 30 seconds after I got off course. She has an iPhone and is all about snapping photos and putting them directly on Facebook. :-D While getting my photo taken when I am still trying to catch my breathe isn't my favorite thing, it is nice to have my parents in town. They flew in Thursday and will be here through the next Carnival. They are staying in an apartment in Burlington. It's great because they can cook for me! The down-side is that they totally stole my car for the week so I am immobile...

Some of the boys watching the Women's race
Back on track... Saturday was slalom on the same hill. It was not my best race. By pretty sheer luck, I ended up 30th after the first run and made flip. That means I get to run 1st on the second run. That has its own pros and cons that I won't get into right now. I ended up 25th again which was pretty solid since it wasn't by best skiing. My coach did say my pitch was pretty excellent though. I just need to figure out how to ski flats.

If you want to hear more about the team, camps, and results, head to our Ski Team Blog and "like" us on Facebook.

I'm headed off for coffee with my swim team friends and then for some shopping with my parents. I see new clothes in my future :-D


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