Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's About That Time Again

For me to post my VYou directly into by blog, and for Carnival season to start, and for the Spring semester 2011 to start. Woah! Big time of the year :-P

As you may know, the first college ski race of the season is this Friday at Whiteface, NY hosted by Saint Lawrence. I am SOOOOO excited to get going. I've had my first couple of races and this could finally be my break through race where I am back were I was at the end of last season.

Also fast approaching are classes. I'm conflicted. Yes, I love being on break, but I'm sort of bored. I can't wait for classes to start and for everyone to get back on campus! I'm especially excited for my "Acting for the Camera" class! I think it will be extremely helpful with not only my dreams of being on TV, but also by vlogs (video blogs) and my VYou answers!

Okay, I have to go grocery shopping for the ski team dinner, but I will write a post before classes start and after the Carnival. Wish me luck!

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