Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gabrielle Hall-iday Weekend

Seriously. Getting me to more than three days of classes is a small miracle during the winter. In fact, we started the semester last Monday. I went to class until Wednesday. Then I went ski racing until yesterday. Today was my second "first-day back."

Let's call it the "Gabrielle Hall-iday Weekend." It's better than President's Weekend and Martin Luther King Jr Weekend, mostly because it is significantly longer. I see a new national holiday in the future. (Strange how Obama didn't mention in the State of the Union....)

Parents, I know what you are thinking. "Wow, this school must just let their athletes breeze through classes."

False. I was in fact reading Saint Augustine's Confessions (on my brand new iPad :) ) in my hotel room and writing story pitches for radio and the Defender. Athletes at Saint Mike's are not allowed to just miss school and breeze through classes. I don't think there are many who would try. Athletes here are VERY committed to academics as well as athletics. I will say that for me personally, I'll pick racing over school any day. However, I also like to do everything well and so I schedule in homework.
Fun fact: The 99% Academic Success Rate (ASR) for Saint Michael's student athletes is the best in the Northeast Ten Conference and the second best in Division II nationally.

Kerstin and Christina
Here is how my Hall-iday weekend went.

Thursday 1:30 pm - 5 hour drive to Sugarloaf, ME for the Colby Carnival

Friday - Giant Slalom race. Here is a quick summary: It was really snowy. Visibility was bad. Snow wasn't awful, but there were definitely HUGE holes in the course. I got 21st overall and 18th in the college rankings :) That is my best collegiate result so far!

Saturday - Slalom. Here is a quick summary: Sunny, but absolutely frigid up at the Loaf. My first run was average, but my second run was pretty rippin', if I do say so myself. I ended up 24th. Not my best SL result, however, when I get two rippin' runs together things will go wonderfully! (Drove back to SMC after the race)

Sunday - Tuning skis and driving to North Conway, NH to ski at Cranmore.

Maddi and Mom
Monday - This was my best day of the Hall-iday Weekend. I got 8th :) It was sunny (and a little cold) at Cranmore, but I won't complain about sunshine. This series was an Eastern Cup race so you get a much larger field than at the college races. There were 120 ladies on Monday. My little sister was also racing. It was her first FIS race back from her injury last spring. She wasn't thrilled I beat her, but she will beat my in the long run. She's that good. The point is: I got 8th with mistakes. I just have to figure out how to hone my speed.

Ski Team boys hanging out
Tuesday - Yesterday wasn't as good as Monday. I got 14th, so I wasn't disappointed. I just had more mistakes then the day before. Apparently, nearly coming to a stop in the course is NOT fast. Who knew? It was a great confidence boosting series. I'm happy that I will have this weekend off and then it's back to college racing at Stowe on Feb. 4th and 5th. That will be a great race because we've been training there. :-)

So there's the run down of the "Gabrielle Hall-iday Weekend."

Now, I have some pressing VYou  and Formspring questions to answer, a shower to take, and a Founder's Society meeting to attend. :)



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