Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deck the Halls

Morganne (left) and my sister, Maddi (right)
(Please comment if you know why this blog title is witty. :-P)

Hey Guys!

Obviously, the purpose of this blog is to inform you about life at Saint Mike's, but the next few blogs will probably be a lot about my life at home in Lake Tahoe, NV because it is winter break.
Of course, if you ask me some really interesting questions on VYou or Formspring, I might post those. Remember you can ask anonymously so there are no stupid questions! I also return to school in 10 days for ski team training and racing so I will be on campus very soon.

Let me tell you a little about my first day back in the West! It was very eventful. In the morning, my mom and I headed over to Alpine Meadows to watch my sister's high school race. You can see her in the photo to the left. It was her first race back since injuring her knee last Spring. While I hate to laugh, she did miss the last gate of the course because she was so excited to have made it down. Ha. It's particularly funny because she is a really good skier and much more naturally talented than myself.
Driving through Tahoe City, CA

Because of her little mistake, we headed home. As you can tell, it was dumping here. There is a rumor going around that we will get 6-12 ft in the next week. I am more than happy to go along with it. :-D
Once we got home, I broke out the keyboard that has been sitting in my garage for YEARS. I have been attempting to write an arrangement for "Firework" by Katy Perry for the 'Bellas. I've never done it before and it's taking a while, but I'll figure it out.

Mamasita (as she like to be called) hanging ornaments
 Mostly my day was lazy. It was great. I didn't have to be anywhere. I didn't have to do anything. No papers, or exams, or worksheets, oh my!

When my dad got home from work, we went out to Italian food. Oh my goodness, it was delicious. My next outing will be to Mexican food. You haven't had Mexican food until you've had west coast Mexican food. No offense, East Coasters, but you are a LONG way from Mexico. I don't why that would be offensive, but people are always saying that East Coast Mexican food is as good as West Coast Mexican food. Don't bother arguing that with me. :-P

Pieces of artistic genius from the Hall sisters
Anyways.... after dinner, it was hot chocolate, Christmas decorating, and Pride and Prejudice. I haven't decorated the Christmas tree in years because I always seem to come home the 22nd or 23rd of December and the tree has already been put together. It was really fun going through all the ornaments. When I was little, my mom let my sister and I pick out a new ornament every year. My said it was really funny to watch me pick mine because I was such a tom-boy and I always picked really girly ornaments. I'm just a very complex individual.

In the decorating process, I came across the little gems you see to the left. They were hand made by my sister and I in December of 1998. I was in 1st grade. According to my mom, I always thought it was weird I had to sit on Santa's lap. I was totally justified in that, too. The Santa in this photo looks like he is 20 years old! I'm as big as he is. (I'm the ornament on the right).

As you can probably tell, my family doesn't do the "designer Christmas tree" thing. Our tree is a a total mash-up of arts and crafts, snowflakes, icicles, little ski gondolas, and ice skates. By the way, no one in our family ice skate, so I find those particularly funny. My mom is going with the "We don't discriminate against any winter sports" excuse. Whatever.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off and if you applied Early Action 1, keep your eyes peeled for your acceptance letters! I can't wait to see the Class of 2015 start to form!
I'm off to ski Diamond Peak!


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