Monday, December 20, 2010

Maybe She's Born with It? Maybe It's SMCVT

Only 3 days after the end of the semester all of my grades are in. I was particularly concerned about my Music Theory and New Media 2 classes. I tried very hard and did crazy amounts of work, but the professors were demanding and can be critical. This was on top of the taking 7 classes = 19 credits and ski team and 'Bellas. The bottom line is that it was a busy semester.

Here's the break down: 4 A's and 3 B's. Final GPA: 3.516.
This is very exciting because it means I have maintained my GPA from freshman year. I had 3.5 both semesters last year. For some of you 3.5 might not seem great. Yes, it is a significant drop from the 4.2 GPA I had my senior year of high school, but college is a whole new ball game. It brings new responsibilities and new priorities. It also brings a lot of new work, new programs, and all-nighters. So lots of new, new, new.

Of course, my success wouldn't be possible without my fabulous professors who were always available to meet with me and give extra help. I emailed some of them at obscure hours and they could get back to me in a few hours. Turns out professors pull all-nighters, too. I also wouldn't have made it without all my wonderful friends who entertained my in Bergeron late at night and explained how to analyze chords, when I thought it didn't make a lick of sense. So thanks to them. I wouldn't have passed without you!

I'll right, I'm off to the gym!
Happy Holidays!


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