Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm going to be on Good Morning America

"Keep the Vow, Fund AIDs Now" Rally

Seriously! You'll have to read on to know why, where, and when...

It's the final countdown to going home and it  seems like there is more to do than ever before.

After we last talked, I attended to "Keep the Vow, Fund AID's Now" rally. It was part of Global AIDs week. It was planned by the Student Global AIDs Campaign (SGAC) on campus. They led a group of close to 30 people from Sen. Leahy's Office to Sen. Sanders Office to demand that they pressure President Obama to keep is promise of putting a billion more dollars towards AIDs research and prevention.
A representative from Leahy's office speaks
 I am not personally involved in SGAC, but I was covering for the Defender so I actually ended participating in my first rally that day. At first, I was shy and just walked along with the group. After a few minutes and some encouragement from my good friend, Sarah, I was chanting along with everyone else. It was a loud, but peaceful rally. I did notice a singular police officer following us around.
This was also definitely my tightest Defender deadline. Generally stories need to be submitted by 9 am Friday morning for the Fact Checkers. However my event wasn't until Friday mid-day, so my deadline shifted. I had to get in in Friday by 4 pm, mostly because the Chorale had rehearsal at 4 pm before our performance.

Chorale rehearsal

So once I had turned in my article, I rushed off to 4 hours of singing. We had rehearsal and then a performance. At rehearsal, Nat Lew, the director, said he had good news, fantastic news, and bad news.  
    Naturally, we wanted bad news first. He told us we had to wake up at 6 am on Friday. Everyone freaked out a little bit. I didn't sign up for early morning singing when I registered for classes. Then he told us the fantastic news! WE ARE GOING TO BE ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA! Yes, the big tv show on ABC. :-D Oh my goodness, I almost died when I found out! They are doing some sort of segment from the Essex Inn in Essex, VT (just down the road) and we will be caroling!!  So basically I am going to be famous after Friday so you may want to catch up on blog so you can make fan pages and such. :-P (The good news is we don't have parts tests... oh, and the concert later that night went well...)
Speaking of famous people, Nick Cannon was here on Saturday night. Seriously. He did stand-up and was surprisingly hilarious.  I had really been hoping he'd bring Mariah, but he didn't. So sad. However, he did stick around and snap pics with fans after the show. I didn't hang back after the show. If I had known he was going to stay for pics, I would have. Again, so sad, but I'll live.
Nick Cannon
 Bottom line: It's been a pretty eventful few days. Plus, it's finally snowing here and it finally feels acceptable to listen/sing Christmas songs. Now I have to go work on my final projects!


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