Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello, America. This is Gabbi Hall coming to you live from the Essex. :-D

It has been a long week, but classes are over! Also, I made my national TV debut on Good Morning America.
Good Morning America was doing a special broadcast from the Essex in Essex, VT. It's this really nice spa and resort with an amazing culinary school. It's the place you want your parents to take you if you want to go to a REALLY nice dinner.
So here's how the day went.
1) Wake up at 5:30
2) Go to Dunkin' to get coffee
3) Meet up with the girls who were getting a ride with me
4) Arrive at the Essex at 6:45 am.
5) Warm-up/ Head to the set by the bonfire

We sang at 7:30 am, 8 am, and 8:30 am. Once was by a bonfire, once was for the tree lighting, and the final time was during weather and food. I was standing right next to the food area when we were singing. I was so close to Sam Champion, the weather guy. He was really nice too. I am totally going to have his job someday. He better watch out. :-P
The biggest highlight of the morning was when we were put on the big screen in Times Square! Seriously, we were up on the big one with GMA all around it. Pretty frikkin' cool. So this morning was essentially my claim to fame for the year. And yes, I mean for the year. I like to have at least one "famous" moment a year to keep up on my TV presence.
Just kidding... sort of... anyways...
Not only has this week been crazy with final projects, but it's been a lot of singing. The Acabellas were singing with the Sleepless Knights on Wednesday night. It was really fun. They are great group and the Bellas never complain about having a show.

If you watch the video, I'm in the back right hand side. Big blond hair, a black dress, sparkly belt, and swirly tights. You can't miss me. Also, these are courtesy of my friend Libby's camera and a friend of hers who took the actual video, so there is some chit chatting in the beginning. You can fast forward that if you'd like.
Tonight we are performing at the Make a Joyful Noise concert, which is a fundraiser for a professor in need and we are also performing at Stress Free Knight. Stress Free Knight happens while everyone is getting ready for finals. You can get 15-minute massages, henna tattoos, eat some snacks, and listen to some great a capella music by Acabellas and Mike Check. It's a nice way to get the weekend started!
So it's been a song-filled, stressful, yet awesome week. I can't wait to go home on Thursday!
Talk to you all soon! Keep your fingers crossed for me during finals week.


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