Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Clips from Good Morning America at the Essex/Going Home

Oh and finals are over, but more of that later.

So you don't need to watch the whole 10 minutes, but I can give you some markers of where you can spot me. At 2 min and 43 sec, I am to the left of the "LIVE" logo on the screen. I am wearing a black hat.
My BIG moment is at 6 min and 52 sec when I got my moment on the screen in Times Square. I also on screen right after that on the right. You can't miss me. You can actually see my whole body! I also have a nice close up at 9 min and 44 sec. This might sound silly now, but just know that by seeing this you are part of my national TV debut. GET EXCITED! You can be the person that says "I totally knew her before she was famous!"
Now that I've forced you to watch me on tv again... I'll tell you a little bit about finals week. It has actually been really relaxing. Here's why.
I only had one final. The rest were projects and take home finals. I was done with most of it my noon on Monday which gave me plenty of time to study for my Varieties of Christianity exam. (This qualifies as the religion requirement and I HIGHLY recommend the professor. Professor Patterson is so awesome!)
Anyways, I took that exam today. I think it went so-so. To be honest, I studied the vocabulary a ton, but I just drew a straight blank on some of them. Some of them I knew hands down 10 min before the exam, but I froze up. That hardly ever happens to me, but it did. Luckily, I believe I did well on the essays which were 60/100 points on the exam. I had A's on all my assignments before that so I am not too concerned.
I also turned in my music theory exam today. It was take home which was nice and I don't what I would have done without my book on hand. Music theory is REALLY hard. My science/math friends laugh when I say that, but it was just as hard as any math class I've taken!
Now, it is all over and there is no sense in worrying! There are 10 days until Christmas and I will be home in 24 hours. I think I have said this before, but I haven't been home since the 4th of July. It's crazy! I can't wait to sleep for 48 hours when I get home. The semester was awesome, but exhausting. I can't wait for a month without the stress of homework. I just want to ski!
Even though I am off homework duty, I am not off blogger/question-answering duty! I know people will be getting acceptance letters and sending in applications soon, so I'm sure there will be tons!
Head to the "Ask Questions About SMC" tab at the top of the page to ask questions or see previous answers!
Have a very happy holiday season!


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